Post-purchase Customer Care: The Key to a Successful Business

post-purchase-customer care

Enticing customers to purchase your product is only the start of the journey. It’s important to dedicate as much time to retaining existing customers as you do selling to new ones. Studies show that it can cost anything from 5-25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. It also revealed that increasing retention rates by as little as 5% could boost profits from 25% to 95%!

But what is post-purchase customer care, and what exactly does it entail? We’re here to highlight why going the extra mile for your existing customers is a key factor in the success of your business.

What is Post-Purchase Customer Care?

Post-purchase customer care is the simple act of rewarding customer loyalty. It’s about finding small ways to show your appreciation for them choosing to purchase your product or service, ultimately making them feel valued.

How Can I Provide Better Customer Care?

Thank them! Rewarding your customer’s loyalty can come in many shapes and forms. One of the most popular methods is gifting. You could offer money off their next purchase after they buy something or give them free shipping if they spend over £20. Physical gifts such as free sample products are also great because if the customer enjoys the samples, it encourages them to buy the product directly from your site.
But customer care doesn’t just come in the form of gifts – it’s also about the customer journey. The more you can make their experience with you a smooth and easy process, the more likely they are to return.

Research shows that consumers will pay a 16% price premium for great customer experience so it’s definitely worth your while to think of ways you can improve your customer service. One of the best ways to demonstrate that you care about your customers is by keeping them in the loop throughout the delivery process. When you have just ordered an exciting new product, the next question on your mind is, “when will I get it?!” Using automated email marketing is the perfect way to provide regular delivery updates so that consumers know exactly when they will receive their goods.

Why Is Customer Care Important?

The reputation of your business rests on the opinions of your customers. In this digital age, if you provide a bad service or product, it doesn’t take long for the news to spread far and wide. Luckily, the same goes if you provide brilliant customer service too. When you go the extra mile for a consumer, they’re sure to let people around them know. Satisfied, loyal customers are far more likely to sing a company’s praises and refer their friends and family, bringing in new customers to your door, free of charge!


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