Mountain Ridge Handcrafted Log Cabins and Log Homes in the United States and Canada


You may be considering building log cabin homes, but you’re wondering what its advantages are over other materials. Read more about these cabins on this site. This may be a relaxing place for you that you’re planning to build in the woods.

When you experience the joys of coming home into a log cabin during your recent vacation, you may be dreaming about owning one. Fortunately, this dream can be a reality for many people in both the US and Canada. No matter where you are, you can always get in touch with the experts in the industry to design and build the cabin for you using high-quality logs. Some of the good reasons to consider are discussed below.

Why Build Log Cabins?

Blend in with the Landscape

You may decide to build a rest house for your property that’s surrounded by nature. You can blend in with the trees when you create a wooden log house with the help of Mountain Ridge companies like and get the best outcome in the soonest time imaginable. This way, your home is integrating well with the lush landscapes, and overall, the effect is beautiful.

Log cabins are sustainable, and they help preserve the environment and local habitats. Since the materials are considered organic in nature, they blend in with the natural topography, and this can be a picture-perfect vacation home for you. Unlike the stoned mansions that look like they were awkwardly imposed at your lot, they usually ruin the overall vibe.

Better Insulation

These are the houses that are comfortable and where you can get a lot of savings when it comes to utility bills. The excellent insulation value is because of the thickness of the walls. This means that you can offer a good home for your guests if you ever decide to convert the hut into a rental property. In summer, you don’t need air conditioning since the cool is maintained within.

During the harsh winter, a wood burner alone can help you maintain the temperature. You can feel comfortable throughout the night. As long as the house was sealed off properly between the first course of logs and the connections, then you’ll get a very energy-efficient home that the traditional stone houses can’t beat.

No Need for Excess Heating Systems

You can save more knowing that you don’t have to install additional heating systems inside your house. The timbers are good enough in providing insulation as long as they are high-quality, well-processed, and dried accordingly. The overall woodwork will provide excellent thermal insulation even if you are experiencing a lot of snow.

Log walls that are 20 to 26 cm in diameter can provide additional warm circulation for wooden fire. This is more efficient than a 1.2m thick brick wall in many homes. The timber walls are distributing and accumulating warmth in an even way inside your bedroom or living room. Warm air can go around more quickly, and it can stay inside your space for more extended periods. You can read more about designs on this page here.

The warmth of timber as opposed to the chilly sheetrock because it has a feature called thermal mass. It’s known to many homeowners that natural logs possess the ability to keep a home comfortable and warm regardless of the seasons. It can store and collect energy from fire, and then it can radiate in the interiors so you can still feel comfortable even if there’s a blizzard outside.

Durable and Longer Lifespans

You may not know of a neighborhood made from brick and mortar that had lasted for years. On the other hand, some log and timber cabins in Europe date back for more than 700 years. There’s even evidence of log-constructed churches in Russia that’s reportedly more than 1,600 old. This is an asset which the younger generations can use.

Get Favorable and Affordable Prices

The building of an entire log cabin may seem expensive when you first hear the quotes and the amount. However, this is not as expensive as building a brick home. Another thing that you should look forward to is that the log house will be made faster, so there are fewer expenses on labor and materials.

Pods and cabins that professionals built are usually durable, and they have affordable prices. When you compare them to the market prices, the 220 mm thicker logs of the pines growing in the arctic are more cost-effective than the 70nm pods. It would be best if you looked for suppliers who can provide you with the durability that you’re looking for wrapped in a reasonable package.

Build High-Quality Homes

The Mountain Ridge cabins are usually handcrafted by experts who have been in the industry for decades. They can give you the best quality that you’re looking for, and glamping accommodations are available in both the USA and Canada.

High-quality ones can withstand the harshest weather, and this is why the slow-growing trees are often used for this process. Replanting and sustainable harvesting also help with the environment. There are family-run businesses in your area that have many generations of knowledge and experience. They know how to do things right the first time to help you save on materials, costs, logs, and transportation.

You can ask for models and layouts of the wooden cabins and see which trees will be used. The designs should be suitable for glamping or camping owners as well as rural dwellers.


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