All The Major Parts Of Your Car’s Audio & Media System


Audio system in a car is considered a basic necessity by the majority of the drivers. After all, who wants a dull and boring ride to the workplace in the morning. While the days of the old audio systems of FM have evolved the music system nowadays are pretty much the same down to the core. Music system installation is not a straight forward process though, you need to do some research before you get the sound system you wanted.
The three major components of car music system are the head unit, amplifier and the speakers. Let’s discuss them.


Stereo, deck unit or as mentioned the head unit is the most important part of your car audio system. Through this your car is able to distribute good quality sounds, so you have to make sure you get the right product installed in your car. Not just the quality, but identifying the right unit that would fit your multimedia needs



There is no uniform price for a head unit. Head units with different features have different prices. The variation in prices is so much that you would never be able to put your finger on the right thing. So set a budget aside and do your research before going out to buy.


The size of the stereo should compliment the size of your car. Not every car is made the same size and same is the case with the head unit. Before you purchase determine the size.

Power output

Car owners usually buy amplifiers to increase the sounds emitting from the head unit. Head unit usually are not very loud as per the requirements of many drivers. You may or may not choose to add an amplifier, so choose a head unit whose power output is per your requirement.


You may want to play CDs, use flash drives or DVDs. So make sure the system you are purchasing has all the sources to play music and videos that you want.

Smart device integration

Almost everyone is integrating smart devices in their head unit, which allows playing music and videos more convenient. The use of Bluetooth car kits and touch screens to play videos and movies is becoming more popular. These devices are pretty handy to have within your head unit.


Car amplifiers are designed to boost the audio signal generated by the head unit. The better the amplifier greater the music experience. Of course, you may opt to go without an amplifier, but majority of car owners have amplifiers installed as part of their sound system.

Amplifiers are installed in two ways


Most people install amplifiers internally, inside the front panel of the car. When installed internally the amplifiers are quite small as the space in the front panel does not have the space to install a larger amplifier. These only enhance the audio signal a little.


Some people want to listen to more loud and hardcore music, this is where the install the amplifier outside the front panel to have a more hardcore music experience. These amplifiers are installed under the seats or in the trunk of the car.


The all important speaker system that delivers the sound after the head unit generates the audio signal and amplifier amplifies the sound. Think of them as the delivery man delivering the sound. There are many different types of speakers around. So it is important to choose the right one according to your requirements, the head unit and the amplifier to make the speakers work.

Some types of speakers

Coaxial Speakers

For a normal car owner looking for some music while driving out to work, these are the best. They are the most popular car speakers too. With these speakers you can alter the base and treble of the sound all by yourself. They are quite easy to handle and very cost effective. Also, these speakers are relatively smaller in size and usually fit in every car quite easily. A perfect speaker solution in low cost.

Component Speakers

Component speakers are called such because for every function they have a different component. You would have to install a different component for base, one for treble and another mid-range speaker. These speakers are made of more than one speaker.

Because of that the sound quality they produce is top-notch. The only drawback is that for every component you would need drivers to operate them. Also, due to the size of the speakers, they will take up a lot of space inside the car. And to add to the woes, these speakers are quite expensive.

It all depends on you choosing the right speakers, head unit and amplifier to get the best sound experience for your car. So do you research before you take your car for music system installation.


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