5 Essential Tips for Choosing Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers


When buying car insurance for teenage drivers, one will find most insurance companies prejudiced as they view teenagers as immature and irresponsible drivers. One will find that it is not very easy to get car insurance for younger drivers. This could be puzzling for some as the younger drivers will have better eye sight, better control over their reflexes as well as better nerve system as compared to the older drivers. Still you will find the teenage drivers paying higher insurance premiums.

Here are some tips for car insurance for the younger aged drivers.

Maintain a good driving record

The simplest way for lowering premiums for car insurance for teenage drivers is to keep a clean driving record. Insurance companies look favorably at a young driver who is responsible on the road and can drive safely. Avoid tickets and accidents to get cheaper car insurance.

Choose a safer vehicle

The kind of vehicle you drive and the kind of safety features it is loaded with too will influence the car insurance companies. Expensive cars will make for higher car insurance as they carry costly parts. For a teenager, the best option would be to go for modest vehicle with good safety features. This is one of the important tips for car insurance for teenage drivers.

Get driving lessons

Another way to make car insurance affordable for the teenager is to enroll them in the driving safety classes. Taking these classes reflects that one is serious about safe driving and wants to be careful about the way he drives.

Get them on the parent’s policy

The teenagers can be a secondary driver on their insurance policy. And this can lower the premiums further for them. Young drivers therefore prefer to remain on their parents’ insurance policy.

Shop for discounts

There are many car insurance companies who offer different discounts on car insurance for teenage drivers. The insurance companies offer special discounts for those with academic excellence in the classroom. The reason is that good students are seen as responsible drivers too if they are responsible students. Plus, there are discounts for those teenagers who do not drive very often.

Just keep the above tips for car insurance in mind when comparing insurance quotes for your teenager. Invest time and effort will yield in some good results and you can buy them insurance with the best services and quotes.


  1. I was not aware that you could include your teenager in his parent’s policy. My father is thinking about buying a car for my brother, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of including him in his policy to find a better deal.

  2. Great to hear that. I wanted to buy a car insurance policy for my son now this is a good option instead of getting him a separate one. Thanks for sharing!


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