Is it easier to get into medical school in Caribbean?

medical school in Caribbean

Attending a medical school is a dream for many, but very few of us can make it to some top and prestigious medical schools worldwide. Due to the fierce competition, pursuing medicine in the medical colleges of the US is even more challenging. According to the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) report, about 58% of medical aspirants had to give up on their dream due to the high GPA and good MCAT scores in the US medical schools in 2020. In this situation, students with low scores have to give up on their dreams or look for other options to pursue their dream profession.

Simultaneously, island medical school in the Caribbean is offering second chances to students with low GPA. With 60 medical schools, the Caribbean has become a popular choice for international students, including aspirants from the US and Canada. But, is it easy to secure admission to the top medical schools in the Caribbean?

Definitely yes, if compared to the American and Canadian medical schools. A few significant factors have made it easier for aspiring doctors to obtain a medical degree in the Caribbean. Let us take a quick look at these factors.

1. Rolling admissions

The medical schools in the Caribbean have the provision of onboarding students throughout the year. They keep reviewing applications from time to time, so they do not have to wait for a longer duration to get admission to the colleges. Students can apply in three cycle- January, May and September to top Caribbean medical schools through rolling admission policy.

2. Lower tuition fees

Usually, medical programs are too expensive and make people debt-ridden. But, medical aspirants in the Caribbean enjoy the benefit of lower tuition fees for the medical courses. The medical programs of some top Caribbean medical schools are relatively less than the American and Canadian medical universities.However, interested students can apply for US Federal and Canadian Provincial loans.

3. Student-faculty ratio

Students will find that most of the medical schools in the Caribbean have small class sizes. Generally, the student-to-faculty ratio in these Caribbean medical schools is 7:1. The smaller class size helps students in a better understanding of the course.

4. Accredited medical program

The medical schools in the Caribbean is also popular for offering internationally accredited programs. It means that medical degrees earned in the Caribbean can make you employable across the world. Accreditation is also proof of the high quality of education being provided in the colleges.

5. Practice in the US

If you are someone who didn’t get admission to the American or Canadian medical colleges, no worry, as you can still practice in the US. By clearing USMLE, students get a license to practice in the US. The Caribbean medical schools help students in preparing for USMLE.

Therefore, students can get into medical schools in the Caribbean easily, but they must be prepared to work hard to achieve their goals. Going to the Caribbean medical schools is always a good choice. So, apply now!


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