When Should I Visit An Orthopedic Doctor?

Visit An Orthopedic Doctor?

Our daily activities and events are highly affected when we meet an injury. An injury on the knee or back is highly frustrating. Imagine not being able to lift yourself from the bed properly or being unable to bend even a little!

Extreme pain in the areas such as the knee, back, and neck can be a daunting situation demanding the medical attention of your doctor. In this case, you can turn up to a professional pursuing orthopedic practice in Spokane and find the best solution to your problem.

An orthopedic doctor can help you in managing various kinds of pain, especially associated with your musculoskeletal system. Here are the instances when consulting an orthopedic doctor is a must.

When you want to reduce pain in specific areas

The most common reason why many people visit an orthopedic doctor is pain. An orthopedic professional specializes in treating the entire musculoskeletal system. They understand various types of joints and how they function in the body. Thus, any pain or discomfort in your muscles, bones, joints, nerves, tendons, cartilage, ligament, is treated well by them.

Various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries may lead to different types of pain in the body. The most common types of pain treated by these professionals include knee pain, hip pain, ankle or foot pain, shoulder pain, back pain, pain in the wrist, hands, elbow, foot, ankle, neck, etc.

When you want to improve your range of motion

Upon suffering from any injury, pain, swelling, etc. you may lose your range of motion. Losing range of motion doesn’t mean not being able to move your hands/feet at all. However, the extent of such motion becomes limited. This may cause difficulty in performing day-to-day tasks such as carrying your stuff, walking, lifting things from above, etc.

You can reach out to an orthopedic specialist and address the problem to them. They can work with you in increasing range of motion, thereby bringing this back to normal. They may also recommend some exercises, physical therapy, stretching, etc. to solve the problem.

When you want to treat your injury

An orthopedic expert not only helps you in treating your injury but also preventing the same. The injuries such as compression fractures, broken bones, dislocations, stress fractures, sprain and muscle injury, tendon tears, ruptures, are the common causes why many people visit these doctors.

Many athletes pay frequent visits to these experts not only to treat their existing injury but to prevent its future occurrence as well. Shoulder dislocation is one of the most common causes many people rely on an orthopedic expert’s treatment.

When you want to treat musculoskeletal conditions

Many conditions such as bursitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. can lead to immense pain and dysfunction. The conditions affecting nerves, muscles, and connective tissues also end up becoming a huge cause of concern for your overall well-being. If not addressed on time, these conditions may add insult to injury.

You can book an appointment with the nearest orthopedic doctor and treat these conditions with the right medication, exercise, and other approaches. The doctor looks deep into the gravity of your condition and finds the best solution for you.


Apart from treating all kinds of musculoskeletal pain in your body, an orthopedic expert also helps you determine if your condition requires surgery or not. Many times, medication and exercise do not help your existing condition. It is when an orthopedic doctor gives sound advice to treat your condition.

You may as well get in touch with this expert to discuss the possible outcomes of your surgery. In all cases, such an expert helps you with the best advice. Each patient is provided the right kind of time, dedication, care for their pain management.


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