Industrial Lighting Tips

Industrial Lighting Tips

Over the past few years, the new innovation which has hit almost all sectors with a bolt is LED lighting technology. The lighting industry has jolted forward with state-of-the-art design of LEDs and the revenue it has generated in a span of a few years after they were introduced. As of now, the industry is revolutionized and we can see LED lights almost everywhere from residential, commercial to heavy industrial areas.

Industrial lighting is quite different from residential and commercial lighting as the area requirement is comparatively larger than usual spaces. These are task oriented spaces and functional throughout the day and in such spaces, high bay LED lighting is the most comprehensible solution.

LED high bays have been pronounced the best match for all high ceiling areas due to their powerful light output and uniform light spread which happens to be glaring free and comes with an additional option of customizable correlated colour temperature for ambience as well as dimming options for extra energy savings.

Here are a few ways in which industrial lighting can be optimized by implementing the lead high bay fixtures around the industrial zones.

1. Preparing the layout

The layout of any industrial or large production zone area can be determined by working out a photometric study for the area. The data concluded from this study is called photometric data which helps in determining the total luminous flux required to illuminate the space properly. This study is usually done by the lighting contractors and the layout helps in determining the amount of light needed per fixture as well as number of fixtures required to illuminate a certain zone within the industry.

As we know, there are several divisions within the industry as per the tasks carried out in that zone; for example, production zone, storage zone, quality control areas, etc.

All these zones are built to cater the various requirements of industrial protocols so the light requirement differs in that aspect.

2. Choose from round or linear high bays

Once the photometric study is completed and the plan is laid out it is necessary to choose the most appropriate fixture; which is undoubtedly LED high bays.

LED high bays are the only fixtures powerful enough to power through any area which has energy requirements higher than the average area. They are powerful luminaries built for such spaces and available in a range of lumen outputs which are catered by two major design options: round and linear high bays.

There’s no major difference in the light output of these two designs except their application is different but they are both built on the same prospectus.

If the coverage area is vast with a ceiling height above 40 feet, it is best to choose linear high bays whereas for relatively smaller areas or task zones round high bays serve the purpose.

3. Safety considerations

One of the basic considerations when initiating any process within the industrial zone is the safety and health of the workers. Good lighting essentially enhances the look of the place and has a positive impact on the productivity and performance of the workers.

It is essential to have a consistent layout as there might be several disruptions due to narrow aisles and dark spots must be avoided at all costs.

4. Choose the beam angle

As per the area lined with aisles for storage, it is preferable to use high bay lights with narrow beam angle as they can accent the shelves properly for visibility whereas for open areas where there’s a lot of floor space to cover fixtures with broad beam spread are most commonly implemented.

5. Choose the color temperature

LEDs offer a range of colour temperatures for enhanced ambience and tone of light for effective visibility. The correlated colour temperature can be adjusted on a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K or above. For industrial zones, it is best to choose the temperature range between 4500K to 6000K or above as at this temperature, the light is bright white which is a requirement for large task oriented spaces.

6. Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

When running a large space, it is essential to consider a few long-term percussions of the choice of fixtures. Metal halide lamps have always been inducted for high bay lighting but since the introduction of LEDs they have been effectively replaced for a number of reasons which are:

Energy efficiency

It is recorded that LED high bays are quite an energy efficient. They produce more light, consume less energy and emit less heat despite being powerful luminaries. They are 80% more efficient than previously inducted metal halide lamps and have a very long functional life.

Low Maintenance

These fixtures are low maintenance and barely require frequent check ups unless there’s an issue in the wiring of the fixtures. In industrial zones, the maintenance costs are high due to the specifications of the fixture but since LEDs rarely require replacement or maintenance they effectively reduce the labour costs.

Lesser Number of Fixtures

The layout determines the number of fixtures required in a certain area. These fixtures have higher lumen output as well as uniform and adjustable light spread. Due to this particular reason, the number of fixtures is reduced for optimum coverage.

Lower Electricity Bills

LED high bays are powerful light luminaries and yet they function on a fraction of power consumed. In this way, they reduce the electricity bills by half which is quite a benefit for industry owners. The money saved here can be utilized in other developmental projects around the industry.


Installing LED high bays are quite beneficial in the long run, they enhance the quality of light and are a durable and very cost-effective solution. The basic tips to consider from this article is to choose the fixture with the appropriate lumen output, reflector type and design of the fixture which best serve the requirements. These lights are safe for the environment unlike fluorescent light fixtures as they do not contain any toxic chemicals like mercury, hence they are easy to recycle and dispose.


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