How You Can Avoid Accidents With Trucks

Accidents With Truck

Road transport is one the most cost-effective ways of transporting goods so the majority of the trade is done with the help of commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers, big rigs, and semi-trucks. These vehicles are a common sight on highways and freeways but with the ever-increasing congestion, the number of accidents involving these trucks has increased.

Trucks are large and bulky vehicles, so they have many blind spots and most accidents occur because the driver is unaware that a vehicle is nearby. You can avoid getting involved in an accident with a truck by following some simple safety tips.

Keep A Safe Distance

While driving if you encounter a truck in front of you and you are likely to trail behind it then you should maintain a safe distance from it. Trucks are large vehicles and it can take a longer duration of time for them to avoid an obstacle by maneuvering or by applying brakes, they can lose control and you can be at risk of getting involved in a crash if you are right behind them.

The two-second rule is the best way to avoid an accident if you are trailing behind a vehicle.

Avoid Blind Spots

There are certain spots around a truck where the truck driver can not see any other vehicle. The passenger side blind spots of a truck are larger than the driver’s side blind spot so you should only pass a truck from its driver’s side.

It is also recommended to not drive too close to a truck because you might get into a blind spot of the truck without even knowing and your chance of a crash with it will increase.

Remain Watchful In Rainy/Snowy/Foggy Conditions

The above-stated conditions can make it extremely difficult for truck drivers to drive their trucks. They will slow down in such weather conditions so they can stop in time. Trailers are difficult to operate and because of the heavy load, they have higher inertia than other vehicles.

They can swerve or rollover on wet roads. You would never want to be near an out-of-control truck. You should remain attentive and follow the guidelines provided by the transport authorities for such weather conditions.

Passing, Switching Lanes, and Merging

Whenever you are driving with trucks remember to pass them with caution and switch lanes in front of them with a considerable distance, because the truck might not be able to stop quickly to avoid colliding with you.

Merging with other traffic can be nerve-racking and you might try to forcibly merge but it can have disastrous consequences if you try to do this with a truck. You must stop and wait for a gap in traffic to merge.

Incase Of A Trucking Accident

If you have been a part of a trucking accident you can contact a trucking accident lawyer to fight your case. They will make sure you get compensated if the other driver is at fault. Trucking companies are notorious for hiding the insurance compensation they can offer so you will need the investigation and legal help of a professional lawyer.


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