How to Redecorate Your Kitchen: Our Guide

Redecorate Your Kitchen

One of the trickiest rooms to redecorate in your home can often be your kitchen. They tend to have so much storage that you can be left struggling to fit many of the goods you keep here elsewhere while you redecorate. You also need to have a plan of action as to what you will do while you can’t use your kitchen’s facilities. Here are some of the things that you need to think about when redecorating your kitchen.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The first step you should always take is to plan the extent of your renovations. Are you going to strip everything back to the walls and plan a complete remodel, potentially changing the kitchen’s footprint? Perhaps you might just want to make a few cosmetic changes. Make this decision as soon as you can as it could help to inform other factors such as your budget for the redecoration.

You also need to consider where you are going to keep everything in your kitchen. Not everyone wants their sitting room or bedroom jammed up with crockery and appliances while things are in progress. Moving the contents of your kitchen to a facility like Safestore means that you can empty your kitchen and redecorate properly without throwing the rest of your home into disarray at the same time.

Reuse as Much as You Can

Kitchens can be expensive to replace, and there is no point in ripping out fixtures that are perfectly good. For example, you should try to avoid changing the layout of the kitchen unless it is not properly optimized for the space. You might have perfectly good cabinetry, and so it only makes sense to leave it in place rather than rip it out.

If you want to redecorate and update it, make sure that you focus on the cosmetic changes you can make instead. You might find that all you have to do is repaint the cabinetry and source a new countertop, and your kitchen will feel like brand-new!

Choose Fixtures That Add Value and Longevity

The kitchen is one of the rooms that can majorly add value to the price of your overall property. Even if you have no plans to move in the near future, you should still think about the changes that you can make to your kitchen that will add value and will retain that value until you are ready to sell.

For example, if you choose to paint the walls, you need to find a paint that is water-resistant so it will not quickly show wear and tear in a humid environment like a kitchen. Floors are another area that can quickly show damage, especially in a high traffic area like the kitchen. If you want to choose a wood or laminate floor for your kitchen, make sure that it is a water-resistant one that you care for properly to avoid warping and other damage. With some careful, smart choices, you should be able to choose fixtures that will add value to your kitchen no matter when you come to sell it.

Redecorating a kitchen takes more planning and strategy than you might expect. You want to ensure that you end up with a space that is functional and beautiful to be in, but to get to that point might seem difficult. Set a clear budget and know where and how you want to add value to this crucial room. Before you know it, you could have a beautifully redecorated kitchen where you can cook up a storm and relax in the heart of your home.


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