How to Polish Your Car the Right Way on Your Own?


If you are conscious about how your car looks you need to ensure that you not only wash your car regularly but also get it polish to get that extra shine. Many car buyers never really care about polishing their vehicles because they are too busy with their personal and professional commitments. However, polishing your car the right way can actually help you to make your car look like brand new and that helps especially when you are planning to sell your car in the future. There are certain ways that can help you to get the right kind of results so you can always keep these things in mind when you are polishing your car.

Wash Your Car

It is always recommended that you wash your car thoroughly before you actually start polishing it. When you drive your car out in the open lot of dirt and dust settles on the body of the car and that remains on the exterior of the car even though you cannot see it. It is important that you get rid of all that extra dust and dirt and therefore washing your car before polishing is the right way to start polishing process. You can either wash your car yourself with the right car cleaning tools and equipment or you can get it washed from car washing service in your locality. Polishing an unwashed car can leave hairline scratches and streaks that can ruin the exterior of your vehicle.

Use the Right Towels

Please make sure you are not using some piece of cloth or your old wardrobe to clean up the car. This can put your car at greater risk because the cloth fabric is not the right thing that you should use. When you are washing the car go for microfiber towel or chamois that can help you to wipe off all the water and dirt that is on the car. This way you can be sure that you are not damaging the exterior of your car at any cost. You can buy these towels online or from car cleaning stores in your locality.

Use Cleaner Wax

When you are done with washing and wiping off your car you can make use of cleaner wax that will work on all the imperfections on the paint. There are many expensive products that act like a substitute to cleaner wax but if you don’t want to spend more money on it you can go ahead with an affordable brand and that will work for you. Apply cleaner wax in small circular motions and cover one side of the car at a time. Let it dry and then you can wipe it off with a clean terry cloth or microfiber towel.

Use Good Quality Polymer Polish

When you want to polish your car the right way you can get polymer polish that you won’t find expensive in the market. You can apply the polish to the whole car and let it dry and then wipe it off in the right way.


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