Top Guide to Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials


Bathrooms are the most sacred spaces in our homes. This is where you spend a lot of your time freshening up and getting ready for your day. It’s where you start your day and end your day most of the time. So renovating your bathroom is considered to be the best option and you can start it by replacing your old appliances such as your old sink with new Ada Compliant Bathroom Sinks | Rectangular Undermount Sink which will add a luxury look to it. As It’s the one room in your home that should always feel like a welcoming oasis. While you’re there, you should feel like royalty. Introducing this feeling to your bathroom is surprisingly easy, you can also add some luxury elements to the décor.

1. Focus on space allocation

A luxury bathroom needs to feel comfortable and open. Most bathrooms tend to be cluttered messes which contain everything from clotheslines to mops and buckets. It’s somewhat expected that you would put all your essentials in the bathroom to keep them from cluttering up the rest of your home. The only issue with this is that it turns the bathroom into a cluttered mess. This is something that you can solve with proper space allocation and storage.

Plan out your bathroom design in advance. Many of the essential elements that make up the bathroom can cause clutter if they aren’t organized well. What good is a freestanding tub if you have too many cupboards and there’s no space left over? Make sure you’re smart about adding new things to your bathroom. Install accessories and fixtures with regard to how much space they’ll take up and how they will impact the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Working with a small space can be difficult when you want to create a luxury bathroom. Space saver bathtubs are the perfect solution if you’re working with a limited amount of room and still want your bathroom to look luxurious. Space savers come in all shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one that will work for your needs! If you’re working with a smaller space, why not check out Kitchen & Bathroom Creations.

2. Add some vibrant colours

While contemporary bathroom designs don’t often include a wide variety of colours, this has changed in the past few years. The regular white and off-white tones of most bathrooms are quickly being replaced by some very colourful and dynamic palettes. Bathrooms are turning into canvases for artistic designs and homeowners are the painters.

While you should aim to add a little colour to your bathroom, remember not to overdo it. You don’t want to turn your bathroom into a child’s playground. Instead, focus on a couple of colours that go well with each other and spread them across the whole room. You can choose to make your bathroom counter and bathtub the same colour while choosing a complementary colour for your tiles. Anything that makes the colours pop and helps create a textured background would sit well with your bathroom design.

3. Introduce lighting options

What good are colours if you aren’t able to see them properly? Lighting is an absolutely essential element that can make or break your bathroom design. You should aim to increase visibility and help create the ideal bathroom atmosphere. Higher visibility helps prevent slippage and makes cleaning the bathroom a lot easier.

A larger space will need better illumination. It also allows you to play with the lights in a way that can feel a lot more luxurious. Installing specific kinds of fixtures over segments of the bathroom can create a more soothing atmosphere. Play around with overhead lights and you can create a spa atmosphere without much effort.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can always add some semi-natural lighting to the bathroom décor. Everyone likes candles, so why not add some tasteful candle holders somewhere around your bathtub? It’s going to feel like paradise with just a couple of candles situated around you.

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4. Allow for ventilation

If any room in a home needs proper ventilation, it’s the bathroom. The nature of bathrooms means that they will often have a very high moisture content. The air is often saturated with water and steam, which means you can expect a lot of moisture to adhere to every nook and cranny in the bathroom. This is a recipe for mould to develop. To prevent this, you’re going to want to promote healthy airflow in the bathroom.

Good ventilation helps keep the moisture down and it keeps the bad smells out. Make sure you have both windows and ventilation systems which allow free airflow at all times. When the weather allows for it, crack a window and let the fresh air in. Proper ventilation also prevents your toxic cleaning agents from accumulating their toxins in the air. Keep that in mind when installing ventilation systems.

5. Install hygiene essentials

If you want your bathroom to scream luxury, you need to make sure that it’s well supplied with all the hygiene essentials you need. This means getting everything from shower attachments to convenient hairdryer holders. Accessorize as much as possible to provide yourself with the most comfortable bathroom experience.

Lots of modern bathrooms lack some very useful hygiene accessories. Take a look at bidets for example. There are many very well-known benefits of using a bidet, and yet most bathrooms still don’t have one attached to their toilet. Not only do these fixtures help improve hygiene, but Best Bidet attachments can also help with various ailments that range from hemorrhoids to skin conditions. Having one in your bathroom could provide you with unmatched luxury.

6. Improve convenience

Convenience is the epitome of luxury. If you want your bathroom to be as luxurious as possible, you have to make it convenient to use. Attractive walk-in showers are all the rage right now and for good reasons. They’re easy to install and they offer you a lot of comfortable space. You don’t have to worry about being cramped up in a regular shower and you can enjoy the extra space that’s available.

When it comes to mirrors, why settle for a small rectangle on the medicine cabinet? You should be able to get a good view of yourself every morning while you’re getting ready for work. Install a bigger mirror for convenience and enjoy having a bathroom that will now feel even more luxurious.

7. Add Character With Wall Arts

Bathroom walls with plain walls are a big NO! Instead, you can layer the walls to add a focal point and texture to this refreshing space. Think of some cheerful aquatic animals in the form of incredible octopus wall arts. The wall arts with amazing illustrations will look welcoming and illuminate your bathroom. Mount wall arts above the bathtub or the wall adjacent to the washbasin.


Turning your bathroom into a luxury spa isn’t as complex as it might seem at first. There are countless luxurious elements that are just waiting to be added to your bathroom. All you need to do is take this opportunity to install them and you’re going to have yourself a bathroom worth envying.


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