How to Choose a Car Battery Charger?


The global automotive industry has successfully retailed more than 75 million automobiles by the end of 2019. Moreover, 2020 is expected to come up with more than 35 car battery manufacturing locations in North America alone. While a considerable percentage of the world is switching to automobiles, the need for individually choosing a car battery charger is effectively increasing.

Among the top five car battery manufacturers, you can find Panasonic on the top with a market share of more than 20%. It is further followed by Automotive Energy Supply, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, and China Aviation Lithium at the fifth number with a market share of more than 7%.

However, the automotive industry will not provide you the right charger unless you realize your situation and understand how to find a considerable one. Often people do not consider the importance of an auto charger and opt for any charger without realizing the after-effects that follow. It is essential to understand the prominence of battery manufacturing brands and their product quality.

Importance of a Car Battery Charger

The primary reason for opting for a good battery charger is the base it provides to batteries that are well optimized for performing. In the case of consumer products, these come affordable with a personal charger that performs as directed. While in the case of authentic industrial chargers that are compatible with most of the batteries in the industry, you may able to come across some essential features.

A battery that charges at adverse temperatures is preferable over the other ones. During the summer and winter, you often trap into a situation when your car battery is not charging. Rather than waiting for outside help to jump-start your car, always keep a charger that can help you anytime in need.

Things to Consider Before Opting a Car Battery Charger

Car chargers are expensive. Often people have a habit of reading reviews before buying any product online. Similar is the case when you visit a coupon site with the best discount codes from the automotive industry. Individuals in case of car batteries, often save these promos if they do not find sufficient battery in the first visit.

You cannot keep replacing these quickly and expect better quality every time. Using electronics and devices acquires some rules and regulations for receiving the right results. Similarly, a car battery comes with a user manual that helps in making its best use.
Opt for the highest quality charger and increase its lifespan. Estimate if it has some important points.

Diagnose the Battery Connections

Right before charging your car, always check for the connections and wiring. It is essential to know if any wrong connection can damage your car’s battery life. Going through this step will assure you of your car’s battery condition right before charging occurs.

Recovery Process

This step involves boosting up the recovery process whenever needed. In the case of sulfated batteries or other deeply-charged batteries, you can benefit from this procedure. A good charger will pulse small current amounts and initialize the recovery process of your car’s battery.

Starting with Gentle Charging

A good car charger will try to start with gentle charging for preventing any damages to the battery. Always make sure of starting the bulk charging process slowly and assure the safety of your autos.

Bulk Charging Process

You will always find a suitable charger going through the bulk charging process constantly. It continues unless the battery reaches 80% capacity. You can keep confirming the amount of charge through LED of 25%, 50%, and 75%.

Absorbing the Level of Charge

With the absorption process, your battery reaches its 90% capacity. In this methodology, the charger supplies small currents to the car battery for making sure of its safety. Also, you can limit battery gassing to confirm efficient charging.

Trickle Charging

The process of trickle charging increases battery life. Soon after the battery is ultimately charged, the LED turns green. On reaching the optimum charging level, the charger will only supply the required current to the battery. In case your car’s battery demands more charging, a good quality charger will efficiently switch to the maintenance mode.

Maintenance Mode

One of the main reasons for opting for your car’s battery to maintenance mode is keeping it in a completely charged condition. With this method of continuous float or maintenance mode charging, you will have your car’s battery with the optimum charge whenever needed.

How to Choose the Right Car Battery Charger

The user manual can assist you in looking for these features in a car battery and know how to use them for a long lifespan. However, there are some more points that you need to consider before choosing a car battery charger.

  • Look out for chargers that can charge any car battery. The latest devices are compatible with almost every sort of battery. No wonder if you look for 6V or 12V of charging, a worthy one will comply.
  • Professional car users may opt for a wheeled charger that has a standard charging mode between 5 amps to 60 amps. However, it also has a whopping charge mode through which you can jump-start your car with 275 amperes.
  • Best chargers are considered to have protection from specific characteristics. For example, assure of short circuit protection, overload protection, and overcharge protection.
  • Always look out for battery chargers that have at least a cable length of 12 feet. It assists in the necessary reach and also keeps the charger safe from any incidents.

Always Make Sure Before Replacing the Car Battery

There are times your car battery is not charging. Do not merely jump on the conclusion of buying a new car battery. Instead, test it and confirm if you really need a replacement.

  • The Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA) test is a process of checking how well a car battery starts in the cold climate. It assures the quality of a good battery and also ensures every individual battery’s relative cranking power.
  • The Reserve Capacity is another factor that can assure you of the battery capacity. Here, you estimate how long it takes for the battery to discharge completely. After the battery reaches 10.5V, it gets unable to operate without a jump-start. The more time your car’s battery takes to reach this level, the more efficient it is.

Wrap Up

There are several ways of finding out how the automotive industry is fixing things for your vehicles. In my opinion, switching to different battery chargers soon after an issue arises is not considerable. Opt for a high-quality charger in your first attempt and make sure you get hands-on the best manufacturers from the automobile industry.


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