A Comprehensive Guide for Buying Used Trailers

Buying Used Trailers

The used trailer market is flooded with numerous options, making a choice a little confusing for novice buyers. From negotiating the right price to checking for the durability of the trailers, there are numerous things that you must look out for before finalizing your purchase of a used trailer.

As per a report, accidents involving utility trailers being hauled by passenger cars are responsible for the deaths of around 400 persons yearly. Most of them are due to improper vehicle conditions. Therefore, proper trailer inspection is crucial if you are planning to purchase a used one.

Even though you have decided to save some bucks by purchasing a used trailer, you still want value for the money spent. Imagine spending a huge sum of money on a used trailer, only to discover that it required heavy maintenance or a change of crucial spare parts. Wouldn’t that be heartbreaking? You can buy trailers from Trout River Industries.

Finding the right used trailer can be overwhelming, and if this is the first time you have planned to purchase a used one, you will need a helping hand. This article aims at giving you the right guidance to purchase a used trailer. Peruse the sections below to know what to look for and what questions to ask when buying a used trailer.

1. Check for the Title of the Used Trailer

The first thing you must check when buying a used trailer is whether it has a clear title. https://brechbilltrailers.com/ as numerous used trailers with clear titles. As a buyer, you must always ask the seller to provide details about the previous owners of the trailer (also, check if the current seller is the current owner of the trailer or not).

You don’t want to buy a used trailer at a deal only to discover that it was stolen. Getting all details and documentation of the previous owners help you to verify the ownership records of the vehicle.

Further, you can also check with the seller if there is any trailer history or documentation of service records. Inquire with the owner about the maintenance of the trailer, such as lubricating the fittings, ensuring that the lug nuts are maintained at the necessary torque, the condition of the tires, etc.

Besides, you must check the validity of the trailer registration. If the vehicle is not in use for long, you should also ask how long the trailer has been out of service. Before making the final purchase, you must gather all these details to determine if the vehicle will be worth your money and save any future hassles.

2. Get Inspection Done from the Experts

The previous owner of the trailer might have done some modifications to the vehicle, and it is important that you know about it before the purchase. Modifications such as extra tie-downs, vents, changes in lighting, etc., are important. Why? Because the structural integrity of the trailer is crucial to its functioning. If any major modifications were done to it in the past, you might risk higher breakdowns or repairs. For instance, faulty wiring, improper welding, or leaky vents pose a risk to vehicle usage.

The best way to check if no such issues prevail in the used trailer is to get an inspection done by the experts. It would give you peace of mind before you shell out your hard-earned money for the used trailer.

3. Check the Trailer Floor

When buying a used trailer, you need to check the quality of the floor. This would give you a clear idea about the durability and stability of the vehicle. When checking the floor, you can check for any dampness or rot. Also, inspect the metal parts for signs of rust, as these degrade with time and improper maintenance.

People buying used trailers often overlook the trailer floor when buying storage containers, which is a grave mistake. The existing condition of the floor will give you the right idea about the vehicle’s strength. This is very important for people who want to buy used trailers to be used in harsh winter weather.

Another element that you shouldn’t disregard that’s important to pay attention to is the kingpin’s integrity. A prospective purchaser has to investigate the kingpin region in great detail. Check to see if there aren’t any telltale indications of dishing. The term dishing refers to the appearance of significant depressions around the kingpin.

The front cross members of the unit may have been damaged due to this. If the placement of the kingpin on the used trailer is visibly damaged, you should look for another option.

4. Check for Compatibility

If you are buying a trailer to be used with a truck, you need to ensure that it is compatible. People often rush to purchase a used trailer because they don’t want to miss out on a great deal. However, in this rush, they neglect to do a proper inspection and check out the compatibility of the trailer.

To know if the trailer is perfectly compatible with your truck, you can ask the seller if they would allow you to hitch it to your truck before making the final purchase. If the trailer is incompatible, it would be best to move on to the next option.

5. Check the Parts

Some crucial parts that you must check before purchasing the used trailer are:


Check for cracks, filled holes, matching size, and capacity. Most dealerships will change the trailer’s tires if there is any issue.


Assess the brakes and check pads, drums, shoes, rotors, and magnets.


Ensure that the bearing is lubricated and seated properly.


Check leaf springs and spring hangars for cracks, breakage, and repairs. These indicate that the trailer is overloaded or that the axles have shifted due to some impact.


Check the frame for damage. This also indicates trailer overloading.

Electrical parts

Test the lights. Determine why the lights don’t work and if replacing the bulb or vehicle fuse will fix it.


Ramp inspection covers length, breadth, straightness, cracks/repairs, strength, and trailer attachment/storage.

Final Thoughts

A used trailer is an investment that not only helps you achieve your goals but also helps you save money. If you keep these suggestions in mind, getting a decent deal on a used trailer shouldn’t be too difficult.

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