Vera Murrell Shares Her Story of Authorship

Vera Murrell

Vera Murrell is a loyal wife, a loving mother, a spiritual fighter, and a published author. But none of this was presented to her on a silver platter. She had to begin from scratch. Nevertheless, Vera always responded “yes, Lord” to every opportunity that God sent in her way. She never flinched or took a step back, and her hard work and unwavering trust in God have blessed her with everything she has today.

Vera Story Of Authorship

Vera’s above and beyond mission and purpose as an author and publisher is:

“And we (I) know that all things work together for good to them that love GOD, to them who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.

Vera declares that God saw her best, and she never would have made it without Him. When she thinks about her life, she KNEW she had to tell her testimony to help others who may be dealing with those tests and trials of what she survived and thrived through, but they lack faith and hope.

Vera told her husband, Jerome, that GOD wanted her to write and share her own life story and his too. And her husband supported her. Without hesitation, he told Vera to write it.

Vera shares that in the beginning, she did not have any on writing and publishing for people to read. But she was determined to do it because God told her to. So, Vera prayed to Him to get directions. First, she called the publishing company “Christian Faith Publishing.” When she previewed their website, she gathered information about them. Vera was immediately interested and searched for guidance to write her book. She didn’t know what to expect when she made the call, but a polite voice of a young lady name Michelle asked Vera, “have you finished writing your book? We would be happy to read your transcript.”

At first, Vera was stunned and responded that she hadn’t written it yet. However, she asked for the guidelines of what to do once she did finish writing it. Michelle patiently explained and answered Vera’s questions. Then Vera told her that she was interested and planned to use the services of Christian Faith Publishing to publish her book. Michelle told Vera that once she submitted her transcript, it would be reviewed and accepted by their publishing team.

Vera was confident it would be, but first, she had to write it. However, she was still struggling and remained on the first step of what and how she should write. As a professional elementary teacher, Vera has taught fundamental writing skills. As well as she has read and used hundreds of books of different genres with her students. Her frustration led her to cry and pray, and she found light.

God’s Help

After praying and asking for Lord to help her, Vera finally started typing, and her thoughts began to flow with remembrance. She started to relive every experience with flowing tears of shame, brokenness, bitterness, hatred, envy, jealousy, rejection, unforgiveness, emptiness, hopelessness, fear, denial, and demeaningness. She believed that GOD was giving her a spiritual cleansing and healing from within her heart during her writing process. She had to be cleansed from the inside so that she could produce who God is and the woman and wife He designed for Vera to be “wonderfully and fearfully” to move forward with this assignment.

Her sole purpose of writing was not to receive royalties, recognition, and accolades but to all Glory to God. It took about four months for Vera to write the first edition of her book, “Our Unveiled Testimonies.”

After writing, she felt a still peace and knew that God was happy with her. Vera then submitted a copy of her transcript to Christian Faith Publishing to be reviewed and accepted for publishing. Vera was told about the process for mailing and receiving her transcript as well as how long it will take for the review team to read, discuss, and accept or reject for publishing. The spokesperson told Vera that it would take about 10 working days.

The waiting time made Vera anxious and nervous. After 5 days, the representative of Christian Faith Publishing informed Vera that her transcript was finally received and was now given to the review team of five unknown persons.

The Big News

One day when Vera was still at work, she got calls from Michelle. Since Vera could not pick up the call at work, she texted Michelle a specific time to call when she was home. Vera was nervous, so she called her husband, Jerome, and told him about Michelle’s phone call to tell her whether Christian Faith Publishing would publish her book. She wanted her husband to be with her she heard the decision.

When Michelle called, she asked Vera if she was sitting or standing, to which Vera replied that she preferred to stand. Michelle said, “Congratulations, Christian Faith Publishing would like to publish your book “Our Unveiled Testimonies!”

Vera was surprised and happy, and out of words. She said GOD be the Glory, He did again, and thanked Jesus.

Vera’s Other Book

Stellar Literacy Media & Market presented Vera with an opportunity to reproduce her memoir, Our Unveiled Testimonies. Vera agreed and revised a second edition titled “Our Unveiled Testimonies Revealing Spiritual Armor of Faith, Hope, Forgiveness, and Love.” She is the author and publisher. From that, Vera was given an opportunity to be on the National Radio Show: People of Distinction with Benjie Cole, which was a once-in-lifetime experience for a country church girl.

Vera did not stop writing. She challenged herself as an author and publisher. She wrote and published her first children’s book titled “My Teacher’s Word, My Ear.”

The Gist

Vera is a wonderful woman who shares all her success with her beautiful and loving family. She is a true believer in God and loves helping humanity. Vera’s story is truly an inspiration to all Christian believers.

“From my heart to your heart, I hope and pray that my testimonial narrative has made a life-changing impact on all my readers. I declare and decree in the name of Jesus Christ.” – Vera Murrell


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