What is a Fridge Trailer?

Fridge Trailer

If you run a restaurant or catering business, you may have heard a lot about fridge trailers recently. Indeed, more businesses big and small are choosing to hire fridge trailers in order to suit their needs. From needing more storage space during peak times to scheduling maintenance on their refrigerator system, fridge trailers can be highly beneficial and lifesavers for a lot of businesses.

But, what exactly is a fridge trailer and how can it be used? Let’s take a closer look and answer this question.

What is a Fridge Trailer?

A fridge trailer is a type of portable refrigeration. Essentially, it is going to allow you to keep items cool at a specific temperature no matter where you are. A fridge trailer is positioned anywhere and secured to the ground. This allows you to access the unit whenever you need to. You are going to be able to enter the fridge trailer and walk inside. There will be several shelves that you can use to store food items or beverages. Often, there are different sizes that you can hire and this can mean they are versatile for your needs.

A fridge trailer can be powered in a number of ways. For example, it can run off electrics and connect using a 13 or 16 amp. However, if there is no electrical access nearby, this does not mean that a fridge trailer is obsolete. There are other ways they can be powered. Fridge trailers from Icecool Trailers can run from a portable generator.

With a fridge trailer, you may be under the impression that you have to tow this equipment by yourself. In some cases, this is possible. But, more companies are recognizing that not everybody is going to have the right equipment to do this. So, you will notice that a lot of hiring companies are now offering delivery as part of the hire. In other words, they will transport the fridge trailer to your location so that you do not have to do all of the hard work. This can be more convenient and less hassle for businesses.

What are the Benefits of a Fridge Trailer?

There are a number of businesses that can benefit from fridge trailers. If you have never hired this type of equipment before, you may be wondering what advantages you can enjoy. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a fridge trailer.

Portable for Events

If you are attending an event, you might need refrigeration. This is something that some businesses struggle with, particularly at outdoor events, exhibitions and even corporate outings. Yet, this is exactly where a fridge trailer is going to be able to help. It can be transported anywhere and it works out more affordable than refrigerated van hire. You have no additional drivers nor any fuel to worry about. Instead, you can enjoy refrigerator wherever you are going and know you can still offer the best service to clients.

Allows Planned Maintenance

It is recommended that you maintain your refrigerator and freezer system on a regular basis. This is a good way to ensure they run efficiently, providing the cooling and freezing your business needs for daily tasks. What’s more, it can help to repair issues before they become a bigger problem.

But, one of the reasons why businesses slack on maintenance is because they have nowhere to store items that are in their refrigerator and freezer system. This is where a fridge trailer comes in. This is something that you can hire to ensure all of your items stay at the correct temperature. You can transport them into the fridge trailer and schedule maintenance for your system. Nothing gets wasted.

Enjoy Extra Storage

There are certain times in the year when restaurants and catering businesses are busy. For example, there can be the holiday season rush in the winter months, as well as summer being a popular time of the year for al fresco dining. Either way, it is going to be beneficial to have more fridge space during these peak periods. This is going to allow your business to be successful and capitalize on the busier times during the year, with more items to sell to customers.

There is Emergency Hire

Let’s not forget that refrigeration systems can break down. This is not something that you want and it can happen suddenly. But, instead of having a lot of food waste, you can choose an emergency hire service for a fridge trailer. Often, companies offer same-day services that mean you can hire when your system breaks down.


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