Why Are Emotional Problems Common During Pregnancy?

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Being emotional during pregnancy is almost natural. No matter if you are worldwide known by the Nordic character and logic before actions, pregnancy may cause mind and body changes that turn you into a fire tornado. Want to know more? Follow our article.

It is common to raise the problems caused by physical body changes during pregnancy. All modern women know lots about body transformation. However, mental health disorders and emotional jumping can also change the usual life and turn the pregnancy into a nightmare. Emotional stress during pregnancy may influence physical health. Every woman has experienced this feeling when instead of choosing the top baby products, she is suffering from anxiety, unreasonable fears, and forgetfulness. Let us discuss some common problems and the reasons they are caused. Scroll down.

Fears during pregnancy

Fear is one of the most popular experienced negative emotions during pregnancy. Every mother-to-be has met something to worry about. In the first trimester, it is a reasonable fear of miscarriages and health problems. In the second trimester, ladies began worrying if they will manage to turn to good mothers after the delivery. The last period of pregnancy is the time to realize that labor day is coming soon, and it is another reason for being very emotional during pregnancy. And we do not mention the inner personal fear every person has.

Nine months is not enough time to adapt to life changes if family members and close friends do not support a mother. Women and their efforts are underestimated very often. It could be considered emotional abuse during pregnancy. Do not let taking you for granted. You are important. Your fears and emotions are important. Pregnancy can be a very exciting time that you will remember all your life. Try to enjoy and relax when it is possible.

Hormone levels make you emotional during pregnancy

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However, pregnancy can also be kind of stressful for many ladies. It is crucial to get emotional support during pregnancy. Not all emotional problems have some profound background. Most of the women can avoid problems if they have some reliable people to support them.

Though, some mood swings are the reason for colossal hormone shifts. Women’s mood is usually determined by two hormones that vary during pregnancy: estrogen and progesterone. Some future moms are extremely sensitive to both types of hormones, making the irritation twice a problem. Hormone changes affect every woman differently. You can start crying from pet commercials or getting extremely irritated by rude strangers in public transport. You can try to saddle the hormone monster and rule it, but you do not have to be disappointed if it saddles you instead.

Nesting instinct

Emotional stress during pregnancy affects the baby if the mother-to-be cannot feel safe and sound every day. Pregnancy can also depict the emotional problems that already exist in any family. It is like an indicator of the tension that was in ignorance before.

It is hard for some parents to adjust to the fact that the baby is coming soon. Usually, it happens to the fathers, though some mothers could not also deal with the fact that life will extremely change very soon. It is advisable to communicate with the same future parents, share thoughts and fears, and build important social links that you may use in the future.

The nesting instinct has an undetermined origin going deep to the centuries, but it solves the main problem by helping to calm the nerves down. The preparations for motherhood and social activities like baby showers help to avoid feeling emotional during pregnancy. So, if you feel comfortable nesting, cleaning, cooking, and buying lots of baby clothes, do not worry. It is absolutely normal.

Pregnancy mind fogginess

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Have you ever experienced the situation when you stare at one point without any clue what you wanted to do? Well, congrats, it is a pregnancy mind or a baby mind. The doctors are not sure what causes this foggy feeling in the mind. The only possible theory is that hormone levels influence the hippocampus where all memories are collected. As you can see, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy are closely connected. So if you have fuzzy thinking, especially in the last trimester, it is also a variant of being normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

Though, if you have any mood changes, still inform your doctor or midwife about this fact. It can be the first sign of the coming depression, and it needs control.

Final thoughts

Pregnancy can be a beautiful and stressful period at the same time. So, remember, when you do get emotional during pregnancy, it happens to every mom-to-be. The only possible way to fix it is to avoid stressful situations, have longer outdoor walks, and communicate with supporting people. However, we do not live in the ideal world, so just remember that being emotional during pregnancy is absolutely normal. Just try not to expect too much from yourself. Concentrate on the things that you can do instead of on the things you dream about.

What do you think of your mood during pregnancy? Share some thoughts below, if you do not mind.


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