Electric Heated Blankets: The Perfect Winter Companion


As fall stretches on and winter fast approaches, it’s no surprise that people across the country are gearing up for the inevitably bitter cold. As the seasonal shift in weather becomes more unpredictable and sudden, you’d be forgiven for paying closer notice to the numerous advertisements tempting the American public into taking a vacation in Hawaii, Mexico or even the Carribean. Of course, with the pandemic showing no signs of abating, international travel remains uncertain.

We all have our own different way of dealing with the bitter winter chill. The rugged, adventurous inhabitants of the outskirts find time and forests to chop their own wood, while the people in the cities reach for their thermostat control boards. Humans are well-equipped to deal with the harshness of winter, although if there is one point of time when we are susceptible to the natural elements, it is while we’re tucked into bed, fast asleep.

We’ve all been through it before, haven’t we? Tossing and turning while trying to squeeze our feet between two, sometimes even three blankets and comforters. Let’s face it, blankets have served us well but sometimes, a good old woolen comforter just doesn’t cut it.

How do Electric Blankets Work?

Life would be much easier if you could just carry the toasty warmth of the fireplace into bed with you? Well, that’s not as far-fetched as it sounds anymore, thanks to a most practical and ingenious invention – the electric blanket. Electric blankets combine the practicality of traditional, older quilts with the comforting heat of an electrical fireplace. The result is an innocuous looking blanket that keeps you snug and warm through the entire night!

Electric blankets are basically normal quilts with insulated wiring lining their insides. This wiring is connected to an electric power source when plugged in and uses electricity to produce heat, that remains trapped inside the insulating material that the blanket is made up of.

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The Benefits of Electric Blankets

The single biggest advantage of an electric blanket is that it is a constant source of heat and warmth, particularly during the night while you’re asleep. Fires need to be tended and wood must be added to keep them going. Thermostats need adjusting and regulating. Electric blankets with their timers and regulators not only offer warmth but also do not need to be adjusted at all over the course of the night, allowing you to sleep peacefully and without any interruptions.

Depending on the type, electric blankets can also serve different purposes. An electric under blanket is meant to be placed underneath the mattress and warms up the entire bed, making it an excellent choice for families and large sized beds. These are more effective for night time warmth and use but are more difficult to shift between beds as the entire mattress must be removed in order to extract the under blanket. Electric over blankets are more convenient, can be moved around more easily and are designed for personal use, as you wrap them around you. They can be used while sitting and other different positions as well as while sleeping.

The advantages of an electric blanket include:

  1. A wide range of adjustable settings for temperature and time, designed to offer maximum comfort, with minimal fuss.
  2. Can be placed underneath the mattress as well, in order to heat up your entire bed and increased warmth!
  3. The long wiring makes it convenient to move it around and shift it from one mattress to another without much effort.
  4. A constant and consistent source of warmth that is close to your body and does not lose intensity or become stiflingly hot overnight.

As emphasized earlier, an electric blanket’s effectiveness, combined with its safety features, easy to use functioning and effortless convenience makes it the perfect winter companion.

Are electric blankets safe?

Electric heated blankets are not a very new invention by any means. Like most products, they’ve been perfected through the wonders of modern technology! On paper, electric heated blankets appear to be a fool proof idea with no drawbacks. The reason why they’ve taken a while to gain true mainstream popularity is because of the earlier question marks about their safety. Let’s face it, most people don’t want to run the risk of an electric fire or leak in their beds while they are fast asleep and unaware.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about! Electric blankets are amongst the most thoroughly and carefully tested electronic devices and are put through a variety of rigorous strict tests to ensure that they meet the highest of safety standards.

The safety measures of an electric heat blanket include:

  1. Manufactured using insulated material and wiring. This minimizes the risk of fire due to temperature or current leakage.
  2. In-built automatic stop feature. Senses and controls the temperature. In case of any unusual temperature rise, it cuts the power and the device switches off immediately.
  3. Attached timers. The latest models of electric blankets come with timers that can be used to set cycles. This allows users to sleep without worrying about switching off the device.
  4. Waterproof material. Most high quality electric blankets are waterproof to prevent liquids or dampness reaching the internal wiring.
  5. Temperature control. The internal sensor does more than adjust temperature for comfort, it also plays an important safety role.
  6. Carbon fibre. This material is one of the safest and is used in cars and is far less susceptible to catch fire.

The careful designing, which was perfected after decades of trials, ensures that electric heated blankets have no real risk of electric or fire hazard. However, the onus is also on the user, to make these devices absolutely 100% safe by using them in the right way. It is our responsibility to use electric blankets properly and maintain them to the best of our abilities, while following instructions and directions. Here are some rules to keep in mind!

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Tips to use an electric blanket properly

  1. Never fold or crumple an electric blanket as this can damage the internal wiring of your device. Always fold it nearly while storing.
  2. Do not leave your electric heat blanket on and running unnecessarily for extended hours, especially when you aren’t using it.
  3. Be careful while handling the wiring and plug of your device.
  4. Avoid spilling liquids on your blanket, even though it is waterproof. Always follow the washing instructions very carefully to avoid ruining the electric blanket. NEVER dry clean your device.
  5. Do not layer two electric blankets on top of each other. You can use an electric blanket underneath or on top of your regular quilt, comforter, duval or mattress but do not layer and use multiple electric devices simultaneously.

At the end of the day, an electric heated blanket is an economical and effective option that can serve entire families. Sleep is important, all the more so during the frigid winters, when the body exerts energy and effort to keep performing at its normal level while trying to keep warm. These devices are not just comforting for the body but more importantly, help keep your peace of mind. All you have to do is use them properly.

While buying an electric blanket, remember to check and purchase a brand new piece that is in perfect condition and not damaged. Shop from reputed and guaranteed sellers and shops. Do not put your wellbeing and safety at risk by choosing an unbranded or damaged product. Do read the instruction booklet carefully and use the product as advised and directed!


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