Convert an image into a Text file online without losing quality

convert image to pdf

You might have heard about the online image to the text conversion process. This process is based on OCR technology. The OCR technology, also known as optical character recognition, is the technique to change an image to editable text. To convert an image into a pdf file without losing its quality, you can take help from a huge variety of tools.

In this brief traction, we will shortlist some of the best options that can help you change the format of an image file to pdf without compromising its quality.

Best ways to convert an image to PDF!

Consider these conversion methods to manipulate your images into pdf.

Image to text converter by SearchEngineReports

This picture to text service is so easy to use. You can understand it’s working by just looking at its interface. You have to upload the image to extract text from the image. Once you have inserted the image, all you need to do is click on the ‘Convert Image to Text’ button. This Image to text converter would immediately change the format of your images and would convert them to editable text. This format can further be saved in text format from your system. This process is quite simple, and the best part is that it is free. You can make unlimited conversions with this online utility without any restrictions.

Online OCR

This is another online service using which you can convert all sorts of images to text or any other format of your choice. This online service can easily help you recognize text from not only images but also scanned files. This online ocr tool works in more than 40 different languages, and the most popular ones are English, Chinese, and French. With this online tool, you can convert an image to text, word, excel, FTF, and pdf format. The OCR tool is extremely easy to use and provides free services.


This is another web service that can help you convert images to other formats. This tool can be used to convert more than 100 files for free, after which you have to get along with a paid package of the tool. The tool has endless features, including the specification of text categories for accurate conversion of text. And it can cater to the conversion of up to 50 images in one go. It can easily transform the human-readable text into well-structured data using advanced algorithms. You can extract all sorts of information from images and save it into pdf with this online tool.

Adobe Acrobat

This OCR system can assist you in the image to pdf conversion, and that too for free. You can instantly edit and print all sorts of images with this tool. It enables you to convert and export all formats of images to MS office. You can easily convert scanned images or documents to pdf format and save the data in a secure location. The best thing about using adobe is that it protects the quality and the format of the file in the conversion.

PDF element

This is a complete website that can provide you services that are relevant to pdf. The pdf element offers tons of tools using which you can change the format of images to pdf. This website’s basic functions come for free, but if you want deep search and advanced services, you need to get along with a paid package of the tool. With this website, you can easily convert PNG to PDF, GIF to PDF, TIFF to PDF, JPG to PDF, and BMP to PDF. You can also convert and combine multiple images into a single pdf file. The process of conversion is quite simple, and the tools are amazingly easy to use.

VeryPDF Image to PDF converter

This tool is best for Mac. Suppose you have many images that you need to change to pdf; you can easily do so with this tool’s help. This image to pdf converter can help you change the format of not only a single image file, but you can also cater batch conversions with this online tool. The best thing about using this tool is that it can easily help you edit images before you change them to pdf format.

Soda PDF

This website would also offer you tons of services, including image to text and image to pdf conversions. This online tool is very easy to use, and it can be used on any device having a browser on it. This website offers a huge variety of tools to cater to different formats of images and convert them to pdf. The files you input in the tools are saved for 24 hours in the service, after which they are deleted. You can use this service online via the website and get its application version that you can also use offline!


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