CBD Tinctures: 5 Things Every Customer Should Know

CBD Tinctures

Using a CBD oil tincture has become an easy way for individuals who want to use CBD to consume the product. Indeed, these oil tinctures have become wildly popular and potentially have become the most popular way of taking CBD.

However, CBD is still relatively new to the market, and there are still many things that customers don’t know about its use. As such, here are five things that every customer should know about CBD oil tinctures.

First, customers should understand that they come in multiple varieties. CBD oil tinctures come as either Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum products. The two are virtually identical, with one critical difference: Full Spectrum tinctures contain up to .3% THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the cannabinoid in marijuana responsible for intoxication. Broad Spectrum contains no THC.

Second, users should know that studies have found some support for the idea that CBD can address numerous physical or emotional problems. These include minor aches and pains, mood challenges, skin conditions, sleep difficulty, and more. However, there is only one CBD-based drug on the market today, and that is used to treat rare seizure disorders in children. As such, you should not use CBD to replace any form of medication prescribed by a doctor.

Third, you should talk with your doctor before using CBD tinctures – just like you would any other product. After all, any supplement that can make a positive impact on your body has the potential to do harm if misused or combined with other products, and CBD does have some drug interactions with other prescription medications. This is very normal for a supplement, but it reinforces the idea that you should speak with a trained medical professional before taking CBD.

Fourth, don’t worry: Full Spectrum CBD does not contain enough THC to get you high or intoxicated, as long as it is was legally produced and sold within the United States. That’s because the .3% level of THC is not nearly strong enough to result in any sort of intoxication. Many forms of marijuana sold in the United States contain between 10-20% THC, and this is generally thought to be the level of THC needed to get you high. As such, intoxication is not a concern with legally produced CBD.

Fifth, while CBD cannot get you intoxicated, it may show up on a drug test. This would only apply to Full Spectrum CBD, as it contains low levels of THC. Thankfully, it is rare, but it may happen depending on a variety of factors, including the metabolism of the individual in question, how frequently they use cannabis-related products, the sensitivity of the test, and more. Thankfully, this is not something that happens very often. Furthermore, individuals who are concerned about how CBD may impact a drug test can just use Broad Spectrum CBD.

CBD has the potential to be very helpful for users, but anyone who tries the compound must use it carefully. Do your homework, and then see if the CBD product is right for you. For additional information, you can check out HempFusion.


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