Why Using A Traction Device Is Better Than Surgery To Increase The Size Of Penis

Traction Device

Those who have small penis should not lose hope anymore as there are a lot of ways they can increase the size of their penis. They actually have two options; one is surgery and the other one is using of traction device. Either of the two can help you enlarge your penis, but why do most men choose to use of traction device? To know more about this, feel free to click on this link: https://maleedge.com/problem-solved-my-boyfriend-has-a-small-penis/.

More so, to help you understand why using of traction device is better than surgery, here are some of the things you have to consider.

Traction Device Vs Surgery For Penis Enlargement

Here are some of the reasons why traction device is way better than surgery when it comes to increasing penis:


Yes, it is definitely a lot safer considering that you won’t be taking any medication or you won’t be getting anesthesia if you use a traction device. Why would you put yourself to possible danger or risk if there is a traction device that can give exactly the same result when you go under the needle or even better.

Of course, having a large penis can excite not only you but your partner as well, but this does not mean that you put your safety to risk.

Pain free

Using a traction device is definitely a lot less painful compared to going under the needle and expecting wounds and stitches. The healing process of surgery might be a bit longer considering that a knife will be used to do what is necessary to increase the size of your penis.

True that it is your dream to see your penis grow to up to many inches, but if there is a way you can get it with less pain, why not, right?


It is actually cheaper considering that you do not need to pay for hospital bills and multiple doctor visits when you use traction device. It is a one-time payment, and once you receive the item, you do not need to pay anything after that.

Since there is a cheaper option, there is no reason why won’t you consider it than paying more expensively?

Easier to adjust

For surgery, you have to stick with the size after the operation. With the device, you can adjust it accordingly. The device will not make your penis grow big too fast and too huge, it takes time and actually, one size bigger at a time, hence, if you think that you already achieved the size you want, you can stop right away.

You can talk to your lover if she is already satisfied with the current size of your penis, or if she wants it larger. Sure, it is your responsibility to make sure that you partner is happy in bed, hence working on things to increase the size of your penis is a good idea. Make her happy and do not let your penis size be the cause of your separation.


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