Why Cannabis is the Next Big Thing


Cannabis has been all over the news recently. We usually come across news of countries legalizing it or a campaign that is pressuring the government to do so. These campaigns have been quite successful.

Big economies such as the US, UK, Canada, and Germany have legalized its use for medical purposes. Many of the countries have also allowed its use for recreational purposes but with some limitations.

These developments suggest that it is not far from becoming the next big thing. We will apprise you of some of its benefits that will contribute to this phenomenon.

It can Cure Cancer

A study published in one of the most reputed medical journals took everyone by surprise. The research showed that unlike the popular belief of cannabis being injurious to health, it could actually improve health.

It was found that CBD, a chemical present in the plant, had the ability to hamper the functioning of cancer-causing genes in the human body. This claim has been validated by numerous studies over the past few years.

In addition to stooping the gene, the use of CBD also slows the growth of cancerous cells. This helps the doctors by giving them more time to apply medication to treat cancer.

Helps in Improving Mental Health

Awareness regarding mental health is improving day by day. There have been various mental health awareness campaigns that have contributed to convincing people to look after it.

Cannabis has been found to help in mental health treatment as well. Some studies suggest that it can lessen anxiety attacks in many people. Similarly, another type of CBD found in the marijuana plant has been found to reduce symptoms of depression.

However, these studies are preliminary research. More research is to be conducted in this regard for it to be established that cannabis can help in treating these mental disorders. It should only be taken when prescribed by the physician.

These were some of the medical benefits that will contribute to it being the next big thing. Now we discuss some nonmedical reasons below.

The Cool Factor

“Cannabis is the new cool.” Many of us have heard this recently, and it is true. World-famous celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Bob Marley have been using and also endorsed its use. This growing trend amongst celebrities promoting recreational use has trickled down to the fans.

The person smoking weed is considered cool nowadays.

Complimentary Products

Many complementary products for cannabis have been introduced. These range from protein shakes for gym enthusiasts to coffee with CBDs for coffee lovers. Products for sleep aids also contain cannabis now. Similarly, custom bic lighters are also becoming a new trend amongst marihuana users.

Similarly, the luxurious lifestyles of owners of these companies have also attracted people to accept marijuana in the mainstream. These include Dan Berzellian and Joshua are some of them.


All these and many other factors suggest that cannabis and its use are here to stay. It has enjoyed phenomenal growth and will soon be the next big thing in the coming decade.


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