2008 Honda Civic Battery Size and Price Guide

2008 Honda Civic Battery

Protect your Honda Civic and keep it starting reliably with a new battery. Find out when it’s time to pick up a 2008 Honda Civic battery, what size of battery you need and how much you can expect to pay for this crucial maintenance part.

What Battery Size Do You Need?

Batteries are sized to offer enough power to start your engine in any weather condition. Extremely low temperatures can reduce the available amps, so be sure you pick up a Honda Civic battery with the right size and cold cranking amps.

For your 2008 Civic, look for a battery with a group size of 51R. This not only provides enough power, but fits comfortably in the battery tray.

How Much Is a New Battery?

These essential maintenance components range in cost based on the brand, warranty length and type you choose. A low-end battery with only a single-year warranty can only cost $80, but an absorbed glass mat option with a three-year warranty can cost up to $250.

Most batteries last between three and five years before you should consider replacing one. While a longer warranty doesn’t guarantee your battery will last longer, it does offer you peace of mind during the three years of coverage.

How Do You Know If a Battery Is Dead?

Find out how to know if car battery is dead before purchasing a new one. There are some minor signs to watch out for, but the most important one to consider is the age of your battery.

Regardless of use, most batteries reach the end of their life between three and five years. A unit older than this may fail suddenly at any point, so consider a replacement as part of your preventative maintenance solution. Otherwise, look for one of these signs:

  • Dim or fading lights
  • Difficulty starting your engine
  • Cracked or swollen battery
  • Excessive corrosion

How Do You Change a Battery?

The easiest way to change your Civic battery is to take your vehicle to a trusted auto parts store. Find a participating store that offers free battery recycling and installation services. A one-stop shopping experience is far easier than trying to remove the battery yourself and schedule a recycling service.

If you wish to order a battery online and replace it yourself, you’ll need a few basic tools. Pick up an adjustable wrench or socket set, a new battery dielectric grease and safety gear.

Make sure your Honda is parked on flat, level ground. Locate the battery and inspect it for signs of corrosion or leaks before removing it.

Start with the negative battery cable, then the positive cable. Look for a restraint strap or other feature holding it in place. Always install the positive cable first on the new battery before installing the negative one.

Where Can You Buy a Honda Civic Battery?

Learn more about how you can safely replace a battery today. Shop for a new one online or at a nearby store to find the best deal on a highly rated brand. Follow these maintenance steps for peace of mind as you start your engine.

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