How Has The Trend Of Gifting Surgeries Spread Around The World?

Gifting Surgeries

With societal pressures to look and feel a million dollars, it’s no surprise that gifting surgeries has become a trend. Exacerbated through social media, reality TV and celebrities, the desire to comply to beauty standards is ever-increasing. According to studies, increased engagement in social media correlates with increased consideration of cosmetic surgery. With 72% of adults using social media on a regular basis, it’s no wonder more of us are giving cosmetic surgery as a gift.

Even more surprisingly still, despite having a year with very little human contact, cosmetic surgery is on the rise. With a general attitude that you should be improving yourself during lockdowns, many individuals are noticing the way they look and are opting for cosmetic surgery.

But where did it all come from?

How cosmetic surgery gifts are celebrated around the world


In true American style, “push presents” have become a thing after giving birth, with many partners showing their partner with gifts. But for some, new mums are being gifted cosmetic surgery to reclaim their confidence after giving birth. From tummy tucks to boob jobs, “mommy makeovers” are surprisingly common.

And it doesn’t stop there – in America it’s not uncommon to gift surgeries at Christmas. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 27% of women want to receive plastic surgery as a gift, and 32% are open to the idea. Many couples are therefore treating their other half to boob jobs or even weight loss surgery.

With an increased desire to look good, millennials are among the age group most likely to gift surgery, with Gen Z following closely behind.


It’s not just Americans that like to give cosmetic surgery as gifts. In Korea, parents often gift plastic surgeries such as nose surgery as a graduation present for passing their exams. With Korea being the plastic capital of the world, for some, plastic surgery is just part and parcel of normal life.

The general attitude is that if you can afford it – go for it!


You may have heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), but did you ever wonder where the name derived from?

In Brazilian culture, it’s common for girls to receive BBLs as a birthday present. In Brazilian culture, the curvaceous look is preferred by many, and it was only a matter of time before it made its way over from Brazil.

Accelerated by celebrities boasting a curvaceous figure (such as A-lister Kim Kardashian), the BBL has increased in popularity by 77% since 2015, making it a firm favorite for individuals going under the knife. However, as one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries to have, it’s important the surgeon doing the procedure is experienced.

All in all, cosmetic surgery has become more popular across the world. With countries such as America, Brazil and Korea all championing cosmetic surgery, many have opted to go under the knife for self-improvement or to give surgery as a gift.

Although not for everybody, there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to change your appearance – if it can be done safely.


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