Why Is Pilates The Regime You Should Opt For?


In this world of stress and fret, it is necessary to give a certain time to your body and pamper your health with a fitness regime like Pilates. This increases the need for having a fitness regime for your life that will improve your overall health. We are neglecting ourselves owing to our busy lives and we can suffer from several problems soon. In this case, we need to do some regular workouts to maintain our fitness.

To rejuvenate yourself and keep yourself in the best of your health, it is very necessary to do something that meets all your demands and suits you. You must opt for exercises that meet your demands and can be completed in the limited amount of time that you have for such exercise.

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A Little About Pilates

Pilates is essentially an exercise procedure that aims at strengthening your muscles. It is a strength exercise that focuses on arms, legs, and core muscles. Ideally, it lasts till about 45 minutes, but the duration can vary based on things that you skip or add.

The ease of doing Pilates is that it can be conducted easily without the requirement of high-end material and only requires the use of a basic instruction manual for beginners. Once you understand it, you can carry it at your home, with a yoga mat, or even use the help of various fitness CD’s. You can even scroll some online training classes on Pilates to learn the basics. But, to prevent injury during exercise, you must do your exercise under proper supervision.

It is not a cardio exercise and therefore does not involve a lot of sweating, but at the end of the course, you’ll feel the tightening of your muscles since it focuses on their strength. The intensity of the workout is therefore medium and is recommended even for beginners.

Benefits of Pilates

Like any other exercise, Pilates to have a lot of health benefits associated with them. Some of them include:

  1. It is a whole-body workout, so it requires the use of all your body muscles and induces strength in them without much work.
  2. It is adaptable to your requirements and can be adjusted based on your level of strength and feasibility. Therefore equally effective even when you try them with relatively lower intensity.
  3. You can strengthen your muscles without bulking up. This makes you stronger without your body looking much bulked up, which is preferred by some individuals. Hence it makes you flexible.
  4. Increases muscle flexibility and makes you stronger. Hence improves your performances and helps you in developing an agile body that can suit the burden of your hectic lifestyle. It is extremely recommended for people with desk-jobs.
  5. Develops core strength by building up the strength of your muscles. It helps you to keep fit and carry out your daily chores without the complaint of a sore muscle or otherwise.
  6. Improves your posture which is very crucial. No one pays attention to their posture that has become generally bent and can cause a lot of issues regarding your back and spine.
  7. It develops and increases your energy levels so that you can go about without feeling much tired. Plus, it can help you to reduce your weight.

You can opt for this exercise routine if you want to lead a healthy and fast-paced life. With this exercise, your body and mind will remain fresh and healthy. Exercising regularly also improves your alertness.


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