5 Ways to Make Your Move into a New Home Easier on Your Pets

Move into New Home

When planning a move there are a lot of things you need to consider. First, you need to list your home for sale, then you need to start browsing houses for sale so you have a new place to call your own. However, if you own pets you need to start thinking about their needs as well as your own. Moves can be hard on pets, and for animals that are rescues, sometimes even traumatic. Here are five ways to help make your home into a new home a bit easier for your pets.

1. Practice Using a Carrier

If this is the first time your pet will have to travel in a carrier for a sustained period of time you need to prepare them for the trip. About the same time you start looking at houses for sale you should start placing them in the carrier for short periods of time. Eventually, build up the time they spend in the carrier so that going inside of it is more routine and less frightening.

2. Make it a Point to Stick to Your Pet’s Routine

Preparing your own home for sale and then browsing new homes has probably kept you busy. After you have sold your home your focus probably shifted to packing and preparing to move into your new home. With so much going on it’s easy to skip things your pet counts on like daily walks, veg sessions on the couch, or consistent feeding times. However, your pet depends on his or her routine as a source of stability in its life. With so many things changing, you need to make a strong effort to keep your pet’s routine the same which means daily walk, daily petting sessions, and consistent feeding times to start.

3. Split Mealtime Until the Move is Over

On the day of your move, you may want to move mealtime until later in the day to help avoid an upset stomach. The last thing you want is your pet to vomit while in the car, adding another item of cleanup to do to the list for the day. Just like humans, when animals are upset their stomachs often get upset. If you are worried your pet will think he or she is getting punished, consider feeding them half of their meal before leaving and then the other half when you arrive at your new home.

4. Deep Clean Your New Home

While browsing houses for sale pay attention to signs of a previous pet. If you are moving into a home that used to house a pet, it is probably a good idea to give it a deep clean. This will help remove the scent of the previous dog or cat resident and help your pet feel much more comfortable. It also may help reduce the likelihood that your pet will mark areas of your new home.

5. Create a Safe Space in the New Home

Finally, the same stress you felt before you sold your home is the same stress your dog or cat will feel when dropped into a new home. Give them a chance to decompress and adjust before becoming overwhelmed with a new space. Choose an area of the home like a laundry room or parlor where they can see you but also retreat to for safety. Place a few of their favorite toys and bed in the room and then use a child gate to ensure they are safely contained until the move is complete.


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