Top 6 Ways To Boost Your Dog’s Nutrition In 2021

Boost Your Dog’s Nutrition

Dogs truly are mankind’s best friends and the unconditional love and loyalty that your dog provides you with means that they deserve the best quality food and treatment possible. There are countless food options for you to pick from, as well as healthy habits and routines to develop, so make sure you conduct the research into finding the right choices for your furry friend. To help you in this endeavor, we’ve put together our top tips for boosting your dog’s nutrition today, including advice on choosing the best diet for them, as well as things you can add to their daily intake to really give them the nutrients they need.

Choosing The Right Food

The best bit of advice we can give when you’re looking for a new wet food or kibble is, while time consuming, to check the label. You’ll be shocked by how many ingredients aren’t really that beneficial to your dog, and a quick google of each, especially those that are most prevalent in these foods will give you a much better understanding. One thing to note is to try to avoid the mainstream, mass-produced foods where possible as the only reason they can make them in such huge amount is generally to cut corners and use less nutritious, cheaper ingredients as fillers. In fact, it might be a much better choice to opt for fresh foods for your dog, as the preservatives in their processed kibbles can be quite unhealthy. So, check those labels and make sure you’re happy with what you’re feeding your companion.

Avoid Gluten-Rich Foods

Like people, dogs can be susceptible to gluten intolerances and allergies. You might find that they regularly get an upset stomach, and their stools appear loose quite often. This could be due to the grains in their kibble or any gluten-rich treats they’re being given. Consider switching to a gluten-free alternative for both their food and treats. Don’t forget that, while these can be a bit more expensive, your dog will feel healthier and happier in no time if this was the issue. A lot of the time, gluten-based preservatives are added to food to stop them from turning bad, which is preferable to feeding your dog rancid foods. However, if you choose fresh foods to feed them, and store them correctly, you won’t have to worry about having preserved foods to feed your dogs.

Food Supplements

Many quality kibble and wet foods contain nutrients that have been already added to bolster the vitamins and minerals in your dog’s diet, however not all of them do, and not all of them contain the right number of things to ensure a perfectly balanced diet. Instead, consider buying supplements that you can add yourself, so you can be certain your dog is getting the right stuff in their meals. Finding quality organic pet supplements can be tough, but Native Pet has a wide range of different options that can benefit your dog in many different ways. Whether you’re looking for supplements to help their bladder, movement and joints, or just enhance their general wellness, visit their shop at

Avoid Giving Scraps

When you see those puppy-dog eyes staring up at you, it can feel like the most impossible task to resist sharing your food with your faithful hound. But it’s imperative that you stay strong as many of the foods we eat, especially those that are seasoned which most are, can be bad for dogs, and some are even classed as toxic to them. Things that we eat everyday such as onions and garlic can cause severe problems for dogs if consumed in larger quantities, and even in small quantities these can make them feel unwell. Don’t risk these problems and instead give them some tasty, healthy treats to make up for it.

Adding Food Boosters

While you may have chosen a complete food to give your dog that satisfies their general nutritional requirements, it must get boring for them after a while, and there are many other things that your pet could be lacking over time that just doesn’t get covered by their regular meals. There are lots of foods you can add to their dinners every now and again to give them an added boost depending on what they may be lacking. You can add things such as raw eggs, goat milk, vegetables, and raw meats to their meals to not only give them some nutrient boosters, but to make those tails wag too.

Healthy Treat Alternatives

Treats are very useful when it comes to training your dog or just showing them how good they are! But not all of their treats need to be unhealthy ones. While it’s okay to give them a few every now and again, always make sure you stick to the recommended guidelines but it’s also wise to source some healthy treats you can use as an alternative. Things that are fun to crunch like carrots and broccoli stems are a great option and they are very nutritious too.


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