Top Attractions and Things to Do In Charleston

Things to Do In Charleston

Are you planning a city break? Perhaps you’re planning a family vacation, wanting a change of scenery, or simply needing a break from your hometown. In this case, a trip to South Carolina might be just the solution for you. South Carolina is famed for its beaches, tourist attractions, and sweet tea, making this state perfect for vacationers as there is no shortage of attractions and things to do. It’s also home to several cities such as Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville, perfect for day trips with family or searching for real estate. Charleston is particularly pleasant for vacationing, so we’ve dedicated this article to a list of some of the top attractions and things to do in Charleston, ranging from recreational activities for you and the family and tourist attractions for all you amateur historians.

The Battery

If you’re an avid amateur historian, The Battery, located in downtown Charleston, should rank highly on your list of things to do while visiting South Carolina. Apart from being one of Charleston’s most visited tourist attractions, The Battery is mainly renowned for its role in the civil-war coastal defense and the beautiful, stately homes that surround it. Situated by the harbor, The Battery is a fortified seawall and promenade that boasts scenic views of Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie, and Sullivan’s Island lighthouse, perfect for taking photographs with family and friends. Plus, it’s also within proximity of White Point Garden, which many tourists visit afterward, so it’s a good location if you want to get multiple activities done in one day.

Charleston City Market

Charleston City Market has been prevalent since the 1800s and is still rife with residents and vacationers alike. At the market, you can find a variety of one-of-a-kind souvenirs, unique food stalls, and general shops that sell a range of goods. If you’re staying close to the city center, the market is ideally located and should be within manageable walking distance. Plus, if you’re considering relocating or searching for a vacation home, the bustle of Charleston City Market will help create a picture of what your daily life in the South could be like. If you’re actively searching for a home in the South, try looking on EZ Home Search for property listings and their blog filled with different localized events and recommendations.

Drayton Hall

Generally thought to have been built in 1747-1752, Drayton Hall is one of the most spectacular pieces of architectural work in the United States. It’s one of the oldest surviving plantation houses and is a valuable piece of American history. Apart from viewing the mansion and the grounds, you can also opt for a forty-five-minute audio tour, which will go into depth about the house’s history and the tragic circumstances enslaved workers on the plantation had to endure. Be aware that we recommend saving this particular attraction for an over-cast day, as there is no electricity or heat.

Charleston Tea Garden

As we touched upon briefly in the introduction, South Carolina is the birthplace of sweet tea, a staple beverage in the South. Suppose you’re after a unique one-of-a-kind experience. In that case, Charleston Tea Garden is a perfect outing for families with children, offering a historical and educational tour of the premises and an insight as to how this state’s favorite beverage is made. At the end of the tour, you can relax and enjoy food on the picnic benches outside, or you can opt to use the catering services provided at the attraction and peruse the gift shop for souvenirs.

Brewery, Food and Walking Tours

Charleston is home to many tours for food lovers and drinkers alike! Often nicknamed as one of the best spots in America for food lovers, Charleston boasts a range of restaurants and different cuisines available for you to dine-in at your own leisure or you can take part in a food tour hosted by Charleston Food Tours. Charleston Food Tours offers numerous different tours, such as Secret Food Tours, Cultural Food Tours, and Historical Food Tours, perfect if you’re looking to try something new or some cultural classics.

If you’re more of a drinker, Charleston also offers a variety of brewery tours. One such provider is Crafted Travel, which offers Walking Pub and History Tours, Brewery/Distillery Tours, Bourbon Beer, and BBQ Tours, and even Axe Throwing, Booze, and BBQ Tours.

If you don’t fancy eating or drinking, perhaps a walking tour would be suited to your needs? In Charleston, you can choose from many walking tours with various subject matters, from history to the paranormal to art. Use this complete list for a range of appraised tour operators and services; we’re sure you’ll be able to find a one-of-a-kind food, drink, or walking tour suited to you, no matter your preferences.


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