5 Tips For Safer Pest Control

Safer Pest Control

A lot of homeowners struggle with problems caused by pests. This makes the need for pest control a necessity for many. While pest control is a much needed measure to keep the house free of insects, there are dangers that come with doing it wrong. Some chemicals might be toxic and harmful to your health, this is why it is important to practice safe pest control. Keep reading to find out more about safe pest control.

Five Tips For Safe Pest Control

  • Practice Prevention: The simple truth is that, prevention is the best form of pest control. When you block all means of pest infestation, there will be no need for pest control. Preventing pest infestation requires work on both the interior and exterior of the home. On the exterior, examine the house for cracks and holes. Cracks are the major inlets for pests, so ensure to inspect and block them. Also check your screens, as well as doors and windows for holes. Pests also get into the house through the drains, so it is important to look out for plumbing problems. Repair all plumbing problems, in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. On the interior, you must ensure to declutter your house. Take out leftover food, and remove wrappers that are laying around.
  • Go Natural: A natural remedy is best as your first option, if you have a pest in your home. Make use of bait traps for rodents and mice, instead of poison. You can also use natural means to get rid of insects, with rosemary oil and neem oil. Using natural remedy is safer, as it reduces the health risks that come with pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Use Designated Pesticides: When using pesticides, it is safer to use products that tackle a particular problem. If you are struggle with insect infestation, go for an insecticide of high quality, as this product solves one problem. It is best to avoid pesticides that work for many problems, as they might contain harmful chemicals. Also, it is important to follow the instructions to the letter when using a pesticide. Do not use pesticides when you are not sure of the problem that you are dealing with.
  • Structured Application: It is safer to apply a pesticide to one area at a time, as opposed to treating the whole house at once. Utilizing small applications will give you enough room to move safely, while reducing the chances of poisoning. Start by sprinkling pesticides in the affected area. Also be sure that you have exhausted natural remedy before using pesticides.
  • Use Proper Gear: Always use proper gear when applying pesticides. Wear gloves to protect your hands along with face mask. Be sure to wear long-sleeved clothing, in order to avoid leaving part of your skin exposed. In addition, open your windows to allow air in. Proper ventilation is important when using pesticides, as it helps to clear out toxins. IF you do not have gear, it is best to employ the services of a pest control service near you.


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