Reasons To Ensure You Have Properly Identified Your Pest Problem

Pest Problem

Pests are a constant threat to any property. Of course, the exact pest you will be dealing with will depend on where you live. In fact, it’s a good idea to speak to your local, Parish pest control company and find out what pests you are likely to find in your area.

Some pests are more concerning than others. For example, termites can do a lot of damage to your house in a short space of time. So can rodents, but they bring the added threat of disease. Although in most cases you can deal with the problem yourself, you will find that using a specialist in pest control will be faster and give you peace of mind that the problem has been fully eradicated. They will even give you guarantees.

Cost factor

If you incorrectly identify the pest problem in your home you will waste money. In all likelihood, you will attempt to deal with the issue yourself. That means a trip to the local store and purchasing the relevant treatment.

Of course, if you have incorrectly identified the issue you will be using the wrong treatment and will be wasting your money. Not only will it prove to be ineffective against your pests, but it will also give the more time to multiply and damage your property.

In short, it will cost you significantly more to deal with the larger issue.


Incorrectly identifying pests is inconvenient. If you tell the pest company what you have and are wrong they will come prepared for the wrong pest and may even have to go away and come back with different gear.

Alongside this, you need to live with the pests or you will have to temporarily move out. If you have incorrectly identified the pest then this could be for a significantly longer period than it needed to be.

Identifying The Pest

A good pest control expert will visit to identify the pest and the scale of the problem before they undertake the treatment. However, you can help them identify the pest by using traps and taking pictures.

Photos are a great way of being certain of what you are dealing with. However, unless it is a very high-quality photo it is still possible to get the identification wrong. For this reason, it is better to put down a trap that will capture or kill the pest. You can then show the pest control expert and there will be no doubt regarding what they are dealing with.

You can also look online and compare the images you have with those online, it can help you to identify the issue and where the main nest could be. You will also discover how big the problem could be. That is usually enough to encourage people to contact the experts quickly.

Pests are an issue in most homes but identifying them will help you to protect your home from their arrival in the future, that’s a valuable time investment.


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