The Expected Effects of Steroid Use among Competing Women Athletes

Effects of Steroid Use among Competing Women Athletes

As you may have heard, steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs have been a growing concern in recent years. This is especially true among women athletes who, according to one study, are five times more likely than men to use steroids. The causes for this gap are unclear, although it is common for women’s sports to get less financing and financial assistance from their governing bodies regarding training resources and medical care and treatment during injury rehabilitation.

So what happens when an athlete lacking these resources resorts to using steroids? Is there any upside whatsoever? In light of recent research showing that steroid use by competing female athletes can positively affect their performance in competition (and could therefore help them earn more money), we decided it was time for us to focus and take a closer look at this issue.

Increased Muscle Strength and Endurance

Steroids can help increase muscle mass. This can improve strength and endurance, which are essential aspects of many sports. Steroid use can also reduce fat mass, accounting for increased speed during competitions. Because increased muscle mass increases alertness and reaction times, competing athletes may be more likely to win matches using these drugs. Increased muscle strength, in particular, has been associated with reduced stress levels.

Enhanced Speed

If you’re a woman athlete, there’s nothing more important than being fast. As you can imagine, this is where steroid use can have the most profound effect. Steroids help increase muscle mass naturally, making your muscles bigger and more powerful. Results show that they are more efficient in generating force and can move more quickly.

For example, if an athlete sprints 100 meters at 60% of her maximum potential speed (considered average), she may do it in 12 seconds on steroids but in 15 seconds without (a 25% boost in speed!). That extra boost might seem small compared to other effects of steroids like increased energy levels but remember that these are all cumulative; they’ll add up over time, so don’t underestimate how much faster you’ll get!

Enhanced recovery from injuries

As mentioned above, due to steroid use, athletes can recover sooner after injury and, therefore, not miss any training sessions or competitions, which would otherwise be impossible without using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).


Steroids may prepare your muscles for work, but they won’t help you lose weight if you don’t combine them with exercise and/or cutting calories. Eating well and doing regular exercise is crucial for weight loss.

The danger of gaining weight and becoming obese is reduced since testosterone aids in maintaining muscle mass, increases the number of calories burned, and may keep you motivated to be physically active. If you’re concerned about a probable deficit, it’s best to see a doctor.

Improved self-confidence

The use of steroids has been linked with improved self-confidence or feelings of well-being in some individuals who have used them over long periods, particularly those who suffer from low testosterone levels that may contribute to depression or decreased sex drive.

However, some reports suggest that anabolic steroid use is not always associated with improved moods and feelings. For example, one study found no significant differences between nonusers vs. past users on the Beck Depression Inventory.

However, a different research found that steroid users who had previously suffered from depression were more likely than nonusers to continue to experience depression after discontinuing usage. Moreover, studies have shown that long-term use (over 2 years) is linked to a higher risk of paranoia, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, violence, murder, aggressive conduct, and anger management problems.

Improved Mood

You’re a strong, powerful woman who knows what she wants and has the willpower to get it. You’re not frightened of hard effort or a little sweat on your forehead, but you may be down in the dumps sometimes, mainly when you’re training hard and putting all into your sport. This may be due to excessive stress, which can lead to depression.

Unfortunately, for most women athletes, steroid use isn’t an option to improve mood states like anxiety or depression because they don’t know much about how steroids affect their bodies (or maybe they do know how steroids affect their bodies but are too scared). But things would look completely different if they learned more about steroid use and how it affects moods!

By using steroids appropriately and responsibly (and legally), athletes can improve their moods by reducing stress levels, anxiety levels, and depression levels over time.

Other benefits of Steroid use in women athletes.

Clearer Vision

You’ll be able to see well. Studies have shown that steroids help users’ vision, which can be a significant advantage for athletes with vision-intensive sports like baseball and boxing.

Good Night’s Sleep

You’ll sleep better. This may seem counterintuitive, but scientists had found that many steroid users report sleeping better than before they started using the drugs. They attribute this to their positive effects on mood and energy levels—not to mention that when you’re sleeping well, you’re more alert during your waking hours!

Feel Better and Look Better!

You’ll feel better about yourself (and possibly look better). In addition to improving performance in competitive sports, studies show that steroid use increases self-esteem and improves body image among both men and women athletes who use them regularly over extended periods.

This is likely due to high levels of testosterone production during puberty (which begins at approximately age 10), which remains relatively stable throughout adulthood until a woman reaches menopause around age 60. Therefore, it’s possible for older women whose bodies produce fewer natural hormones after menopause may benefit from synthetic supplementation as well–remember not everyone reacts positively under these circumstances, so proceed cautiously if trying this route out 🙂


So, what can we conclude from the evidence presented in this article? First of all, we see that there are many benefits to using steroids. They may improve performance and make athletes more resilient and speedier when used safely and under the direction of a health expert.

Second, they do not necessarily adversely affect women’s bodies when used in moderation (as long as they don’t start taking too much).

Thirdly (and most importantly), it seems clear that steroid use among women athletes is not uncommon; many experts believe that this trend is increasing rapidly due to the pressures placed on these competitors by coaches who want them at their peak performance levels for competitions like the Olympics or World Championships.


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