Boost your Confidence to the Next Level by wearing Stylish Kaftan Dresses

Kaftan Dresses

Are you not happy with your dressing style? So here is what you are looking for!

You have seen many Hollywood female stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Christina Hendricks, Mary-Kate, and others. You look at them and notice that they are wearing an attractive gown that grabs your eyes’ attention. As a result, you want to look like them, and you start copying their styles. You guys always think that their dressing stylists have made those gowns. But this is not true at all. So this article is written for you about the same clothes commonly called Kaftan Dresses or Caftan Dresses. These dresses are value for money and are easily affordable by the people. You can buy them online and even offline. You can pair Kaftan with leggings, jeans, and palazzo for the outings. It makes your look adorable.

What is Kaftan?

Kaftan is also spelled as Caftan. It is either created from cotton or silk and sometimes both the materials are used for making it. It’s an ancient Mesopotamian (Modern Day Iraq) even so first, it came into existence in Persia around 600 B.C. The gown effortlessly wears because it has completely free sleeves and long lengths up to ankles. Also, the gown has its own and unique identity. Therefore females love to wear this kind of gown. Also, kaftan dresses come in various styles. Moreover, the company updates the outfits according to the trends of fashion in the market. Here people can enjoy the benefit of several colors, shapes, and sizes.

Islamic Sensibilities

Yes, you guys have correctly read it. Islamic and Muslim girls wear these gowns more as most families do not allow females to carry short clothes. Islamic sensibility is a culture that originated from Lebanon (A Country in the Middle East) and further spread to Turkey and North Africa. Now it is effortlessly available in the Indian markets. Such clothes are come into existence by keeping in mind their community and civilization. From the post-classical times, that means from the 500 A.D. to 1450 A.D. to the present day. It has been used too much by many West and Southwest Asian ethnic groups. Also, it came after the 20th century for self-expression and emotional liberation and the increase in Islamic Culture.

Here, some Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor started to wear these Kaftan Gown clothes. After that, other celebrities like Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate, Christina Hendricks, and so many others. It became famous all over the world after that.

Market availability

After knowing the fact you are thinking of, are they available in the market?

So, here is the information regarding the market conditions for these Kaftan dresses. Commonly it is used by both men and women in the Iranian Plateau from North Africa and West Africa. So now you have a question in your mind that can you wear this? So, yes you can wear this on any occasion but, mainly it is used for outings like sightseeing. You can buy it from various online shopping websites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and Indiamart at an affordable price range.

Indian markets for the Kaftan Dresses, their availability, and prices:-

Indian markets are broad. Various kinds of dress materials and ladies’ wear are available in the market. Mainly Kolkata of West Bengal, Surat of Gujarat, and Delhi are famous for their various clothes accessibility. Kaftan Dresses are available in these markets and include the rest of the cities like Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Mumbai in Maharashtra. Furthermore, most countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, Pakistan, Russia, France, the United States of America (USA), Australia, and all big countries in the world can provide these fabrics. The price for Kaftan Dresses in Indian markets starting from a Minimum of Rupees 1150 for casual wear. And a Minimum of Rupees 1499 for party wears.

Different Trends and Kaftan Dresses

In the markets, different trends are existing, and day by day it changes rapidly. Now, you also have a question that in this 2021 era, are kaftan dresses really in trend?

So here is the thing. Blogs and Articles are there about famous people and their costumes in daily newspapers and social media handlings. It became famous because of them. So we can conclude that it is in trend today also. Moreover, people love to wear these gowns and enjoy their comfort.

Types of Kaftan Dresses

There are only seven types of Kaftan Dresses for ladies and are as follows.

  1. Short Night Kaftan – It comes in different shades of colors like Red, Black, White, and Navy Blue. It looks good and gives a compliment to your look.
  2. Deep Neck Kaftan – Hollywood actresses love to wear these gowns with deep neck style. It looks dazzling. It is mostly used for the cocktail party by them.
  3. Maxi Dress Oversized Kaftan – It looks comfortable because it has some high pockets with a long design. For Lazy days and Holidays like Sundays and more, you can wear them and enjoy your weekends.
  4. T Length Kaftan – It is best for showing your legs and provides you a Bohemian Look for any occasion or parties depending on your moods.
  5. Colorful Silk Kaftan – It is commonly used for beach outings because it is suitable for beaches. It looks beautiful in the beach area.
  6. Vintage Style Kaftan – It is convenient for Vintage wear. It gives a funky look and is perfect for occasions similar to this.
  7. Modern One Shoulder – It is made for those women who love to wear one shoulder with consideration of market trends. It looks trendy, comfortable, and wearable for outings.


Some women love to prefer fashionable gowns to look beautiful at any occasion, outings, or party. So they search for stylist gowns everywhere and the interesting thing is women love to follow trends. If we search for trending fashion, Kaftan is the name you will see on the internet. Kaftan dresses come in all sizes and you can pick any one of them according to your mood, season, and comfort!


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