Sterling’s Silver Candlesticks

Silver Candlesticks

Sterling’s silver candlesticks, a very attractive home décor element, have its own religious and artistic value. Every religion has its own way to celebrate their culture. In Jewish culture, the importance of candlesticks is very significant. The light of the candle refers to wisdom. The blessings of the candle’s fire show holiness in Jewish people’s hearts towards each other. On almost every occasion these candlesticks perform a very significant role in Jewish culture from their heart’s content. From ancient times, probably back to the days of the second temples in Jerusalem, the uses of candlesticks have been found and it has been passed from generation to generation. During the reign of different Monarchs it’s value and appearance increased. The sterling’s silver candlesticks are one of the very high quality, durable and mostly admirable home décor items. Sterling silver makes this product durable, charming and fashionable. It is frequently used in Shabbat and other Jewish religious as well as cultural rituals. It can also be used as an affordable luxury item, a housewarming present, and a table décor item for a Jewish Friday night get together. This tall, beautiful, eye-catching candlestick looks perfect everywhere – at the entrance, living rooms, prayer hall, candle light dinner and restaurants, etc. In fact, in recent times a new craze can easily be found in every sophisticated society throughout the world.


These smooth and glossy candlesticks are made from 925 sterling silver, a very durable material, which symbolizes holiness and purity. It will mesmerize you with its attractive looks and design. The reflective, bright cones and their cylindrical shape give the candlesticks a mind-blowing appearance. Made of the finest sterling silver, it is rustproof and enhances its lifespan; it will surely attract your artistic passion for this candlestick which is exceptionally priceless. With modern designs and techniques, it bears the tradition with times. In these products, you must find your seeking qualities and elegance respectively.

Cleaning and lasting

Due to its unique appearance and design it looks difficult for cleaning. But with proper care for art and minimum maintenance knowledge its looks can be cleaned, which increases its value with time. That’s why most of the artisans prefer sterling silver rather than other materials for making these world renowned traditional candlesticks.


Therefore, from the beginning of this article we discuss the value and importance of sterling silver candlesticks in the life of Jewish people. These candlesticks are available in online stores with a variety of colors, sizes, and weights. There you can choose your preferred items from a wide range of collections. These modern and traditional candlesticks along with its sterling silver alloy material will surely make a place in your heart. Besides a luxurious status symbol, it is also a good investment for your family to lead a prosperous life showered by the Almighty. To change your lifestyle there is no alternative to this masterpiece. With the passage of times, the sterling silver candlesticks has become a beautiful piece of art.


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