Should You Rely On Top Franchise Rankings For Your Next Franchise Purchase?


A franchise, a collaboration between the franchisor and the franchisee, can take your products and services across geographical barriers to enhance brand marketing and products. The franchisor has the legal rights and original ideas and sells them to the franchisees. The franchisee uses the business name, concept, model, and trademark to establish their enterprise.

Various websites rank the franchise to navigate you through your next franchise purchase. The question is whether those rankings are reliable or not. The orders often need to be validated and are meant for marketing purposes. The top franchise rankings for your next startup must be used cautiously to minimize losses and maximize profit.

Things You Should Look For In Franchise Rankings

Check For The Right Franchise

It’s all about marketing and money for many sites that rank franchise opportunities. They need to consider adequate data before publishing the ranks. Many sites review only those franchisors who can pay them. The paid rankings are alarming, and they can distort your business forever.

You can’t rely on them to decide which franchise opportunity to choose. It is a matter of fact and must be considered before moving ahead with a franchise.

Biased Reviews

Reviews are indicators, not absolute. It can be genuine or manipulative and reveals a single narrative, only part of the story. You can make a reasonable decision to read reviews after researching well, which will help to weed out biased and forged information.

Go and interact with the franchisor’s representatives to get a hold of the business. You can meet established franchisee owners to know the franchise’s current status in the market.

Don’t Consider All Franchises

The rankings only consider part of the class of franchise opportunities. They cover only either big or small. Some rank the ones in big cities and neglect the small ones, which may create a gap and distort information.

It is essential to understand the overall position of any franchise, irrespective of size and geographical location. You might be in a small city where big franchises like Subway may only sustain for a short time. It may top the ranking list, but it’s a big no for your business.

Check For Reliable Information

You may find top franchise rankings with names that need to provide complete information. A reliable opportunity will have the owner/owner’s name and full address. Many franchisors don’t provide that information on ranking sites to manipulate your decision. But, it is on you to dig out authentic details on the franchisor to prevent risks in the future.

Take Guidance From Franchising Expert

Blindly relying on rankings can end up in a mess. It would help if you took the expert opinion of leaders of the franchising business. They will help you sail smoothly through the rough tides of reviews and rankings.

Supplementing your decision with industry experts can minimize risk and widen the profit scalability of your enterprise in the future. They know the volatility of such rankings, so it is easier for them to provide the right advice.


The best opportunity to choose for your new business must be based on multiple factors. It should be more than just rankings on some random website or magazine. As an emerging entrepreneur, your responsibility is to do in-depth market research of the targeted industry before investing.

It is not worth relying on selected data, inputs, and biased reviews for a big decision like purchasing a franchise. It can cost you a lifetime of earnings and much more than that. A product may not be as popular in your geographical location as elsewhere, so decide wisely.


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