7 Reasons to Play With Your Kids This Spring


We’ve all been there – you’re in the middle of dinner when you tell your kids to go play in the yard. How else are you supposed to get them out of your hair?

Many of us could use a breather, but it’s time to take a renewed approach to outdoor activities. It turns out that children can learn essential life skills when they explore nature with their parents. Of course, it’s a ton of fun, too. Take a look at a few reasons to play with your kids this spring.

1. Teach Physical Literacy

When we’re born, we become exposed to a brand new world. Then, as we start to grow, we learn particular abilities along the way. A huge part of childhood development is physical literacy. Mostly, these are skills that allow us to run, jump and throw. Without these techniques, we’d struggle to navigate the world with a sense of bravery.

But without your assistance, your kids will struggle to get there. After all, there’s only so much that they can do by themselves. So, head outside and teach your children how to swing a bat and catch a ball. The more you do to encourage diverse physical activity, the healthier your kids will be down the line.

2. Support Friendly Play

Do you remember your days on the playground? Sometimes, other children aren’t so nice. That’s why it’s necessary to show your kids how to play kindly. You’re an influential role model in their eyes, so inspire them to practice sportsmanship. It’s not always so bad to share, either. When you display genuine examples of these actions, your children are more likely to follow suit.

Play with your kids to build positive behavioral development – and a few new friendships!

3. Get Proper Nutrition

The outdoors can expose us to fresh air and warm sunshine. These elements play a huge role in your children’s nutritional intake. Vitamin D creates strong bones and teeth, and wards off harmful illnesses. Kids require adequate levels of Vitamin D throughout their first stages of life. To achieve those amounts, they should spend no more than 30 minutes in the sun every day.

But as an adult, you need your vitamins, too. So, grab your children and head outside for an afternoon of healthy fun.

4. Encourage a Few Risks

Parents always want their children to feel protected. But reality isn’t a bubble, so it’s crucial to let them take risks. When you play outdoors with your kids, you’re able to keep an eye on them as they explore. Yes, they may fall off the monkey bars and get a bruise. Or, they’ll trip on the sidewalk and scrape their knee. Those moments hurt, but they’ll survive – and that’s an important life lesson.

Of course, you can practice safety and take risks at the same time. You don’t have to let your children do an overly dangerous activity. But it would help if you allowed them to become confident and brave through certain actions.

5. Build Creative Skills

It’s no secret that kids have some of the most expansive imaginations. When we’re young, we haven’t fully experienced the world around us. As a result, we fill in the gaps with what we conceive to be the truth. From make-believe friends to far-fetched scenarios, there’s a lot that happens inside a child’s mind. A terrific way to expand creative and artistic skills is to play outside.

Often, you won’t even need to ask your kids to invent a situation. They’ll pretend to be a band of pirates all on their own. Follow their directions and put your imagination to work. You’ll have a memorable time as you encourage these necessary abilities.

6. Appreciate Nature

These days, most of us are guilty of smartphone obsession. More often than not, kids have tablets, too. As a result, it’s easy to lose your sense of wonder – and forget the importance of nature. Children should dig around in the soil and try to pick up large rocks. They shouldn’t only ever see animals on television, either.

Without this kind of exposure, we can forget about the beauty of our planet. Take your kids to a local state park so that they can see hills and trees. They’ll learn to appreciate and respect the outdoors.

7. Establish an Unbreakable Bond

At the end of the day, a healthy parent-child relationship can do more for your kids than you know. When children learn to love and trust their parents, they establish an unbreakable bond that lasts through thick and thin. Then, they’re able to make positive decisions and succeed in many areas of life.

To create this relationship, play with your kids more often. You’ll learn more about them through in-depth conversations and simple observations. Plus, when you take time away from specific responsibilities, your children will be thankful. There’s no better way to build such a significant bond.

Venture Outdoors With Your Kids This Spring

The next time your kids ask you to play outside with them, don’t miss out! Outdoor play provides a ton of wonderful benefits – for both you and your children.


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