5 Good Reasons To Choose Construction Software

Construction Software

More and more companies need to equip themselves with tools to optimize their business as much as possible. In the case of small companies, it is possible to acquire ERP accounting software for an SME.

Before even thinking about the best solution on the market, it is essential to know what this type of management software consists of, define the issues according to your field of activity, and, finally, determine which will be the most suitable proposition for your operation.

What is ERP software for an SME?

First and foremost, it is essential to know what it is all about when it comes to ERP software for an SME. It is management software dedicated to optimizing resources, costs, and performance. With such a tool, it is possible to group different functionalities such as management:

  • Human resources;
  • Distribution;
  • Accounting and financial;
  • Suppliers;
  • E-commerce;
  • stocks;
  • Sales;

Ultimately, it is a group of applications linked to a database (single and joint) and associated with a Workflow (that is, a process for automating tasks). This represents if we think of the principle, the backbone of the company.

Issues according to your sector of activity

Among the first orientation criteria for choosing the right ERP software for an SME, the company company’s activity is essential since this element will define the issues.

Are you the head or working in a company specializing in the construction sector? If they haven’t yet opted for dedicated software, here are five good reasons to do so. Construction software development has many advantages. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Reason # 1: Construction software helps you save time

Thanks to the many features offered by construction software, you save precious time in your work. For example, it allows you to centralize your plans’ management or the monitoring of your sites.

Reason# 2: It is a natural ally for your management

Running a business is not easy every day. IT solutions for construction industry, managing your business is made easy. Indeed, whether it is the financial aspect of the commercial part. Can manage everything with specific software?

Reason # 3: It helps you be better organized

Cannot improvise planning projects. Thanks to construction software, this step is simplified. How? ”Or” What? In particular, thanks to various functions such as the pre-takeoff or the creation of lists of materials.

Reason # 4: It saves you money

Investing in construction software comes at a cost, but it’s less compared to the savings you get. First of all, thanks to various options (calculation of the number of materials required with the take-off, preparation of candidate proposals, etc.), you increase your productivity and, therefore, your turnover. Such software allows you to avoid various minor errors that could have had more or less significant financial consequences.

Reason # 5: It helps you stand out

In the face of the competition, you need to stand out in one way or another. By emphasizing your business’s management with construction software, you prove that you are in tune with the times and with new technologies. It also demonstrates that you are professional, involved, and rigorous. Customers and other professionals trust a company that uses construction software more than a company that does not. So it’s better not to do without it.

Construction software: what does Dune Gestion offer?

Did you know? We offer you all-in-one construction software for architects, engineering firms, and general contractors: business management, financial management, project monitoring. The functionalities of our software are multiple. Once tried, you will not be able to do without it. We also offer a free presentation of our solution with no download to perform and no software to install. To benefit from it, all you have to do is complete our online form.

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. And to learn more about our construction software, visit our website.

How do you determine what the best ERP software for an SME is?

Once the challenges of your sector of activity have been highlighted, beyond the reasons that push you to change your solution, it remains to determine the other criteria, making it possible to define which best ERP tool is for your company. To do this, you can answer, alone or with the help of a subject matter expert, the various questions to refine your thinking.

Thus, you will need to specify your employees’ number, your annual turnover if necessary, the number of operating sites and establishments of your company, possibly the number of subsidiaries that will use the tool then the total number of users your budget. You will also define the different services you need, the languages to be configured in your interface, the solution deployment timeframe, the server platforms that will be useful for deploying the project and the type of technologies useful for the project. Other elements to study: the number of people allocated to monitoring the ERP project, the kind of database management system, the advanced functions expected and the functional scope of the ERP.

Once you have answered all of these elements, for example, it will become possible to offer solutions that are ideally suited to your need for ERP management software with the help of Dune Gestion.


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