5 Reasons Rewiring Your Home Is Important

Rewiring Your Home

Simply, the idea of rewiring a home is to keep you safe. If you are a property owner, it is your responsibility to keep your home and commercial space safe. Electricity is extremely dangerous. Therefore, you should make your home electrical system a priority before anything else. It is not a minor job having to rewire your home, but you cannot put a price on peace of mind and safety. It requires you to have a budget for it, and work with qualified electricians from Nashville Tennessee to recommend the best way to go about it. In this article are 5 reasons rewiring your home is important.

1. Reduces risk of fire

Rewiring Your Home

According to research, most fires in residential places are caused by faulty electrical wiring, poorly maintained electrical appliances, and electrical failure. Thus, the best way to be safe from these fires is to make sure your home and business electrical wiring are well maintained and up to date. Flickering lights and loose wirings often lead to sudden electrical sparks that easily cause small fires. Particularly, where old electrical wires come into contact with wooden materials, it increases the chances of a fire starting. Another issue is the overreliance on power cords and extension cords, causing overheating increasing the risk of a fire. Through rewiring your house, such problems are easily avoided.

2. Protect the home from power surges

Rewiring Your Home

Rewiring your home will protect your appliances and gadgets from sudden power surges that easily cause damage to the electrical system. Fortunately, today’s sockets and circuits have built-in surge protection to ensure you are not at risk in case of a power surge. But, if your home is older, it does not have this type of protection. For this reason, as you rewire your home, not only are you updating the electrical wiring, but improving the safety. Through putting measures in place to protect your appliances and electronics from unpredictable power spikes.

3. To bring your home into the 21st century

A lot of electricity is in use today in homes in comparison to the past. Today, you have to power televisions, air conditioning systems, computers, Wi-Fi, chargers, among others. Although they are now getting more energy-efficient, they are more than those in use in the past. However, most older electrical circuits cannot handle all this. Thus, the only solution is upgrading your wiring to safely manage the power.

4. Reduce costs

Although there are costs of upgrading your home wiring, through installing new and safe wiring, you get cheaper insurance rates. This is because the risk of accidents is low, and insuring a rewired home is less expensive. Also, if you plan to sell your house, rewiring it first will add to its market value. Thus, not only will it reduce costs, but you become less worried about wires being in the wrong places in your property, risks of fires, and power outages. Which would cost more if you do not consider rewiring, and you will continuously have to incur the costs of repair and maintenance. Thus, rewiring helps to know the risks that would cost you money if they occur.

5. Increase in electrical capacity and protection against elements

The capacity of an old wiring system is 60ams and it is not adequate to handle modern appliances. Serious damage will also occur with a high load. This is because an electrical overload burns out devices and can cause house fires. However, if you update the electrical system, for instance, to 100ams, you will have costs reduce and you should be safe. Additionally, new wires have better insulation than the older ones. Insufficient coatings or brittle plastic insulation are dangerous in very hot conditions. When you rewire you won’t have to worry about heatwaves, as they are shielded from heat.

To conclude, it is vital to consider rewiring your home, as old wiring is a threat to your family and it reduces your property’s value. Although it can feel costly, it pays off. Since you protect it from electrical fires, it will support modern appliances, among other things. To do this successfully, contact a professional electrician to do the inspection and replace the wiring.


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