7 practical ways of choosing the right locksmith with the North York Locksmith

North York Locksmith

It’s common to have locks problems that will need a trustworthy local locksmith. Suppose you need a lock repair, maintenance, or a lockout emergency; it’s good to go for the right company. Your home safety is very vital. You need skilled, knowledgeable, and quality service at a fair price to ensure your home or property security.

There are many locksmith companies like Matrix North York Locksmith out there. There are also hundreds of unqualified locksmiths in the fields who run scams. How will you get a legit individual for the job?

Have a clear view of the services needed

Start by deciding what you need from the locksmith. Some of the common requests that locksmiths get include:

  • Repairing locks
  • Making duplicate keys
  • Changing locks/rekeying
  • Installing electrical or mechanical locks
  • Fixing biometric, access control, or keyless system
  • Emergency response to broken locks or accidental lockouts.

Find the best service provider

Get the list of professionals from the local directory or an online search. Check the services they offer and narrow it down to the one you need. Go through their websites or call to get a clear picture of their area of specialization. If it’s not an emergency, make arrangements to meet the companies in person.

Choose covered locksmiths

If you have an insurance cover, make sure the locksmith you opt for is a member of the same insurance company. Pre-authorization at times is a must to qualify for the coverage. Your insurance membership association or carrier outlines the steps to follow.

Get the estimate for the cost of services

Find out the amount you need to pay for the service. For insurance membership offering discounts or coverage, ensure the locksmith’s estimates reflect that. The forecast must reflect the charges related to the service. Always request a copy of written quotes.

Request for credentials

It’s not a must for locksmiths to have valid licenses in some countries; a valid license will give you peace of mind. Professional certification rules out locksmiths with criminal backgrounds.

Check also the business card of the locksmith. The company name must match that of the estimates. Locksmiths with professional certifications will not hesitate to show you their credentials.

Be attentive to the documentation

When the locksmith comes to offer the service, confirm the estimates provided earlier. Don’t pay until you agree on the quotation. Don’t worry when the service provider asks for your ID. Professional locksmiths will ask for the following:

  • Name
  • ID number
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Signature
  • The service you need

Ask for an invoice

After the service, ask for an invoice copy that has the final cost of service. The invoice should have everything done with respective prices and the total cost at the end. Submit the itemized document to your membership association or insurance company.


Be keen with the locksmith selection process not to fall for scams. Go through each of the above steps to find a better and trusted service provider to do quality work.


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