What Is Power Washing And How Does It Work?


Power washing is the utilization of hot water at high pressure to achieve perfect cleaning results. It is quite important to note that a power washer heats the water; hence, power washing is used for more challenging cleaning tasks. Power washing is used for the following:

  • Removing scum, mold, fucus, etc.
  • Irradiating the pavement
  • Restoring your veranda
  • Cleaning the drains
  • Removing gum from the walkway. Making use of hot water for cleaning makes the task uncomplicated and less stressful. It also gets rid of all forms of microbes that could affect the general state of well- being.

The uniqueness of power washing is the efficacy of the outflow of high-pressure of very hot water to eliminate grit from external surfaces. The combo of high pressure and the temperature of the water ensure quality cleaning. The heat in power washing is what makes this cleaning style extraordinarily unique because it exceptionally tackles oil smudges with ease. Of recent, power washers are now referred to as hot water pressure washers, Power washers come in a variety of designs; some are magnificent for household use while bigger ones are perfect for commercial purposes.

There is no gain saying that power washing has numerous advantages for your household and your overall fitness. So, here are a few things you should know about power washing before you resolve to do it.

1. Power washing is selective

Power washing is fantastic for the outdoors; windows, veranda, pavement, concrete floorings, etc. In addition, office cleaning services sometimes offer additional services such as power washing of the exterior of a building.

Power washing should not be used for fixtures made of wood, outdoor textile, coated surfaces, and deteriorating concrete because the hot pressure can mutilate these items.

2. Ensure to study the instruction guide

Pressure washers oftentimes are rated as same with power washers but there are subtle differences, hence are it is advisable to study the instruction guide before use. The instruction guide gives adequate details on how to manage the machine. It is worthy of note that a power washer is more delicate thereby more precautionary measures are involved in the maintenance of the power washer which will be stated in the instruction guide with the emphasis being laid on the power washer making use of hot water at high pressure.

3. Never compare a power washer with a regular garden nozzle.

A regular garden nozzle can never compete with a power washer. The results can never be the same because a regular garden nozzle is not built for deep cleaning purposes. The regular garden nozzle cannot produce the same level of force to get rid of thick oil stains that a power washer can with the greatest of ease; the measure of the force produced by a power washer is incomparable to that of a garden nozzle.

4. Constant power washing safeguards your family.

Staying for a long period before power washing your home has negative manifestations as the state of your family’s well- being is at risk due to exposure to microbes. The longer you stay off power washing the more challenging and dreadful the sludge becomes.

5. Annual power washing makes your paint last longer.

Power washing annually makes your paint last longer giving your house a clean and neat outlook; looking like it was just freshly painted. So, no doubt, it is a wise move to power wash because it costs less than re-painting.

6. Power washing increases the value of your house.

Constantly power washing your home helps to give it an amazing outlook which in turn translates into excellent sales value if you eventually decide to sell. The neat outlook of your house gives it immense aesthetics and monetary value. Professional services like Power Washing New jersey will keep your home looking new for years to come.


In conclusion, power washing your home should be an annual cleaning ritual because of its array of merits. Its ability to scour spaces immaculately makes it a better choice for tasks that need intense cleaning. It is oftentimes specifically prescribed for concrete finishing. It will give your house and the environment in general, a total face-lift and it is inexpensive. The spurts wash in the power washing machine makes use of heated water giving it that extra edge for intense cleaning. The most obvious merit of the power washer is that it can heat water up to 311 degrees Fahrenheit; cleaning comes with great ease with water this hot!


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