5 Hidden Causes of Your Health Issues


Sometimes, the human body can do weird things that confuse us. It can be frustrating not to know the root of your health issues, especially when it seems like your whole body is going out of wack. Everyone’s body is different and has different needs, so it makes sense that not every problem can be solved immediately. Sometimes, it takes testing and time to figure out exactly what’s going on, especially if symptoms are generic and widespread.
While it isn’t always the case, complex problems often have a simple root cause. If you haven’t explored them yet, there are a few hidden things, both big and small, that could be at the root of your discomfort. Taking a closer look could help you get control over your health situation.

1. Stress

Stress can cause all kinds of health symptoms, from eczema to sleep problems to heart disease. Even if you don’t realize it, stress can take a huge toll on the body, and intense or prolonged stress is the worst kind. If you feel like you’re doing everything you can for your health but your problems still refuse to subside, it might be time to look at the stress in your life.

Especially if you have a particularly stressful job or a lot of responsibilities, stress could be the dominating factor in your health. While reducing stress is difficult, it’s also wildly important in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

2. Iron Deficiency

If you’re experiencing headaches, dizziness, fatigue and overall weakness, it could be a lot of things. One of those things is an iron deficiency. Iron deficiencies can cause anemia, which decreases the number of healthy red blood cells and weakens the body and its systems. Since anemia can cause a variety of symptoms, it can often be overlooked or confused for other conditions. However, if you think you might have an iron deficiency, it’s easy to get tested and figure out if it could be causing your health issues.

3. Wisdom Teeth

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed during their teenage years, but for those coming up on the milestone or those who perhaps never opted to have them removed, they could be causing a number of health mysteries. If you’re still holding onto your wisdom teeth, and you happen to be experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or problems with the mouth, ears and sinuses, your wisdom teeth could be the cause. Depending on your exact oral situation, keeping your wisdom teeth past due can even cause problems for your current teeth and orthodontia work.

Especially when wisdom teeth become impacted, they can begin to cause any number of problems. If you’re experiencing mystery symptoms that trace back to the mouth, it’s a good idea to check in with your dentist about the status of your wisdom teeth, which can be revealed through a simple X-ray. Consulting your dentist about your exact situation is always the best route when it comes to the wisdom tooth discussion.

4. Endometriosis — Or Other Reproductive Conditions

While endometriosis and other reproductive complications make their home in the reproductive organs, they can impact various systems throughout the body. Endometriosis is often characterized by especially heavy and painful periods, but the symptoms go beyond that. Discomfort with bowel movements and lower back pain can be indicative of endometriosis, along with other symptoms of uncomfortable menstruation. PCOS — or polycystic ovarian syndrome — can yield some similar symptoms such as painful periods, infertility and other general discomfort, but it can also come along with other hormonal side effects.

There are a number of feminine reproductive conditions that can cause health problems, and they can sometimes be difficult to get to the root of due to the lack of testing and support surrounding feminine healthcare. If you think you might have something hormonal going on, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about testing and treatment options so you can improve your quality of life. Everyone’s body is different, and solutions often vary from person to person, but it’s important to dig a little deeper so you can find what works best for you.

5. Vitamin D Deficiency

Are you getting enough sunlight? Sometimes it’s not that simple. While vitamin D deficiency is easy enough to treat using sunshine and supplements, it can manifest as fatigue, bone pain, back pain, low immune system function and even depression. If you feel like you’re in a fog or a funk, it could be your vitamin D levels. Talk to your doctor about this possibility, and perhaps try a supplement to boost your levels. You can also always increase your sun exposure to get a bit more of that boost.

Health problems can often be a mystery, especially with ambiguous, broad symptoms. However, with a bit of research, medical attention and good old fashioned trial and error, you have the power to get to the root of the cause and take control of your health once more.


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