An Informed Choice: Plasma Cutters

Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutting is a technique used to cut conductive materials like steel, iron, copper and gold, and other electrically conductive metals. A plasma cutter works by creating a jet-hot cone of plasma from the nozzle. This plasma is electrically charged and goes through the metal creating a complete electrical circuit between the plasma jet, the plasma cutter and the metal to be cut with the use of a grounding clamp. This circuit produces so much energy giving off heat that it cuts through the metal. The force of the plasma jet further blows away the separating metal pieces from the melted metal. It creates a clean cut.

Branded plasma cutters can cut up to 38mm (1.5″) of steel and metal. Computer-controlled plasma cutters can also cut up to 150mm of steel (6″). Experts use plasma cutters in a variety of fields for this very reason – they offer a wide range of uses. The automobile industry uses plasma cutters for restoration and repair works. The metal fabrication workshop uses them to create designs with metals or to even solder metals together. They also play a significant role in CNC or computer numerical code operations. These process materials as per previously coded specifications like metal drills and 3D printers.

Besides these commercial uses, one can use plasma cutters for artwork purposes as well. The cone of the plasma jet is so fine that it can make precision cuts. Plasma cutters are also the best tool to cut arcs and circles in metal. They enable artists to create many designs using metals and make their artworks to the full extent of their creativity.

Benefits of Plasma Cutters

Many companies sell plasma cutters, but it is essential to buy branded plasma cutters. This ensures the quality of the machine and the work done with it. Plasma cutters are truly versatile machines with many benefits.

Ease of Use

Learning how to operate and use a plasma cutter is very easy. With minimal training, one can use plasma cutters confidently and even know the different techniques it can be used for, making them suitable even for DIY-ers.

Very Safe

Plasma cutters are very safe for use, decreasing the chance of accidents. Before using plasma cutters, one must equip themselves with the appropriate face shield, apron, and gloves. A safe and clean environment is also necessary. Their ease of use ensures that the individual is in control of the machine all the time.

Greater Efficiency

Plasma cutters use compressed argon gas which is more efficient than oxyfuel. Plasma cutters can cut through any thickness of metal with ease and so speed up the manufacturing or designing process saving time, energy, and money.


A plasma cutter is so powerful that it can cut metal of any kind. This increases the range of raw materials one can use in their manufacturing or designing process. Thus enlarging the repertoire of work an individual/company can do.

Maintaining Materials

Usually, on the application of heat, metals tend to warp their shape. The exothermic reaction bends a metal near the places exposed to the heat. But plasma cutters cool down the metal simultaneously while cutting them, maintaining the shape. Usually, the one cutting or smelting the metal had to beat the metal back into shape after cutting it. With plasma cutters, one can shorten the process by maintaining the form of the metal sheet as it gets cut.

Switching to plasma cutters is genuinely the better choice when it comes to smelting or melting metals. They can be used in a range of processes and are also budget-friendly to both companies and individuals. Plasma cutter manufacturers and distributors sell branded plasma cutters, ensuring the quality of the machine. Plasma cutters offer minute precision that boosts efficiency and reduces overall costs making them the default choice for cutting and designing metals.


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