Overcoming Addiction: Ways to Overcome With or Without Assistance

Overcoming Addiction

Let’s be honest; no individual becomes an addict overnight. People addicted to any substance usually start because they want to escape reality or enjoy the feeling of pleasure. However, as time goes by, addicts become generally hooked to the substance.

The human brain releases dopamine, which produces pleasurable or relaxation feelings in an addict when they consume their favorite drugs. This is called addiction, and it’s a psychological disorder.

Suppose you’ve been an addict for a while. In that case, certain things might seem like they’re in control but really aren’t so much anymore- at least not without drugs or other painful feelings such as withdrawal from cigarettes/alcoholic beverages! The easiest way to overcome addiction is by knowing the signs and symptoms.

Thus, take a look closer at the list below to learn some practical ways to help you stop your addiction:

1. Find A Treatment

Like any other disease, you should also consider addiction a medical condition and get yourself professional treatment. And while there are various treatment options available for addict patients. Deciding which one to go for will depend on several factors such as age, psychological condition, gender, history of drugs, etc.

Depending on your addiction, your healthcare provider will guide you whether you need inpatient or outpatient treatment. However, are you hesitant to attend an inpatient treatment program? No worries, an alternative hospitalization program allows you to get yourself treated during the day but return your home at night. In this manner, you can get the help you need and enjoy your freedom.

2. Admittance And Willingness

All your efforts to overcome your addiction will fall by the wayside if you aren’t holding yourself accountable and admitting you have addiction problems. Therefore, make sure to get yourself out of all the excuses and justifications.

Once you know you have an addiction problem, you will be ready to change. But, unfortunately, that is also the most challenging step for people suffering from addiction. Since change is often scary, most addicts use excuses to justify their addiction and continue using drugs. So don’t worry if you aren’t accepting your addiction as a problem right away. Instead, take your time but once you admit, make sure to set some realistic goals and remain prepared for challenges down the road.

3. Look For Support Groups

Overcoming addiction is a long journey with lots of highs and lows. It usually requires tremendous energy, motivation, and support. However, you don’t have to feel guilty about your addictive behavior and walk through the recovery journey alone. Therefore, make sure to have a reliable support group. While treatment facilities offer support, it is true, yet don’t just rely on that support system. You can also include your close family members or friends in your support group. These people will boost your confidence by offering you positive words of encouragement during your difficult times.

4. Figure Out And Eliminate Your Triggers

A trigger refers to anything that urges you to use addictive substances repeatedly. So the very crucial step to kick your addiction is by identifying your triggers. Learning what your triggers are will give you a sense of control. For instance, you might face some emotional dilemma that pushes you to take drugs, or you might have an old friend who encourages you to take drugs. So identifying your triggers can give you a clear picture, and you can take steps to steer clear from your triggers.

5. Practice Healthy Habits To Stay Sober

Once you have identified your trigger, here comes the next step – engaging in healthy habits to stay away from it. Exercise is a natural remedy to cope with addiction. Physical activity is suitable for both your mind and body. Doing exercises can help improve your mood and release endorphins.

Physical activities are also good to maintain your physical health. They help you reduce your risks for heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. For example, you can take a brisk walk, do yoga, jogging, cycle, and practice deep breathing to distract yourself from cravings.

6. Pay Heed To Your Environment

Your environment plays a significant role in taking measures to stop your addiction. Picture this you come to the home after a stressful day at work. However, as soon as you enter your kitchen, you find your favorite drug. Chances are, you will give in to your addiction if such is the case. That is why you must pay special attention to your environment. Eliminate anything that may urge you to take drugs from your home and workplace.

7. Rediscover Yourself

Last but not least, rebuild your life. Having a purpose in your life can help you avoid your cravings. Simply put, when your life has some rewarding activities and goals, you will most likely lose appeal to your favorite substance. Thus, look for hobbies or volunteer work that keeps your mind distracted and challenges you. You can also go for volunteer work. Helping others will give you a sense of contentment and build relations with positive people.

Key Takeaways

You might be wondering how to stop something that has already taken a toll on your body? However, the truth is by committing yourself to certain practices, you can overcome your addiction. Keep in mind; overcoming addiction is no easy feat. You might have a few relapses while on the road to stopping your addiction. Relapse is a part of the journey. Don’t get discouraged, instead take your relapse as a challenge. Moreover, you can’t kick your addiction overnight or in a few days, so don’t rush the process. Take your time – with professional treatment and support groups; you can successfully beat your addiction.


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