What Are The Top 5 Most Addictive Substances Which Promote Dependency?

Top 5 Most Addictive Substances

In the past few years, national governments and international organizations have woken up to the serious problems of drug use among the population. Millions of people the world over are losing their lives to drugs. Generations in some countries are getting wiped out because of substance abuse.

There have also been a lot of debates and discussions regarding the addiction levels of the different drugs. It should be pointed out that addiction is of two kinds:

  • Chemical Addiction
  • Behavioral Addiction

Chemical Addiction involves consuming alcohol, drugs, and other psychoactive chemical components. Behavioral addiction involves dependency on issues like social media, ecommerce, and sex.

In this article, we are going to look at the top five most addictive substances, which promote dependency. we are also going to discuss how rehabilitation from north York can help overcome addiction issues.

List of Top 5 Addictive Substances which promote Dependency

1. Heroin

According to scientists, heroin is officially the most addictive substance on Earth. It scored a whopping 2.5 out of 3 on Nutt’s scale of addiction. Scientists say that one in every four people who have tried heroin has become addicted to it. Heroin is particularly dangerous as the levels of getting high and experiencing death are very close to each other (five times).

2. Alcohol

Legalized alcohol results in the highest number of deaths in the world. According to experts, the legal drug results in the loss of three million-plus lives every single year. Medical experts also point out that alcohol increases the brain’s dopamine levels by more than 300%. This is more than any other substance on the list.

3. Cocaine

It is no surprise that the white powder famously called cocaine fuels a billion-dollar industry in which some of the world’s richest and most famous people are involved. According to estimates, nearly 20 million people all over the world use cocaine. Cocaine’s special ability is that it helps in switching off the brain’s feel-good factor for a very long time.

4. Sleep and Anxiety Medicines (Downers)

Many people are addicted to sleeping medicines, which are popularly referred to as downers. These downers are medically prescribed by certified doctors and are used to treat anxiety and depression in mental health patients. They are also given to individuals who have difficulties sleeping at night. These drugs are most commonly used to cause a sense of euphoria.

5. Nicotine

While no one has ever died from a nicotine overdose, they are the number one reason for cancer- throat, lungs, and mouth. Nicotine is found in legalized cigarettes and in various other chewing forms. According to data, it is the number one drug in America with 2/3rd of all Americans trying it at some point or the other in their lives.

How Rehab Centres can help Reverse the Dependency on Substance Abuse

In the last few years, science and medicine have made rapid strides to help people overcome addiction. From the choice of location- rehab on the beach, Rehab in Hawaii, mountains, small villages, to the treatments being offered, rehab centers have come a long way from being mere Church programs.

These centers employ medical professionals that help in reducing the dependency on the substance. From mere changes in lifestyle to flushing out toxins from the body and blood transfusions there are a number of treatment options to help you recover from an addiction problem.

According to medical experts, the key to recovery lies in the acknowledgment of the problem, It also depends on the severity of the problem. The faster is the realization of the problem, the simpler will be the rehab process and the treatment.

The Bottom Line

Two of the five substances mentioned in the world’s list of most addictive substances are legalized and easily available. While governments continue increasing the ‘Sin Tax’, global consumption of alcohol or cigarettes does not show any signs of slowing. Recovering from an addiction problem is not only necessary for the individual himself or herself. It is also important because of the impact it has on someone’s family and society at large.

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