A Christmas Organization: 4 Steps to Have an Organized Kitchen for Christmas


Christmas is one of those occasions that call for the rejoiced gathering of family and friends. And during such a gathering, you would certainly not want your home to be untidy and cluttered. And it is only natural to carry out all that is needed in order so that when the guests arrive, all you have to do is bring out the delicacies and enjoy the Christmas Eve.

Be it kitchen cabinets, countertops or any other kitchen component, be sure that they all are clear of clutter and are clean the night before at max. Not doing this will certainly require you to do the cleaning in the morning which may get you late in preparing your special dishes for your guests.

Here are 4 steps to follow in order to have an organized kitchen for Christmas:

1. Clean your kitchen cabinets

Perhaps the most important aspect, both in terms of looks and use, is the kitchen cabinetry. However, while Christmas cleaning, bring out the containers held inside and sort them out in a clear manner, clean them and place them back in order. If there is no space remaining, keep the extra ones in a different space or place. Get them back later.

Kitchen cabinets can get really cluttered, more so if they are not open shelves. As their constituents cannot be seen, we do not pay much attention as to how they are holding inside, only to be taken aback when we open them in order to clean. And this calls for a lot of hectic cleaning job. Thus, it is suggested to clean your cabinets once ever month.

If you are planning to buy kitchen cabinets for Christmas, it is suggested to go for walnut cabinets that provide the perfect “Christmas in the woods” look.

2. Clean the countertops

Next up for you, the countertops. The most prominent component of your kitchen, countertops require cleaning to the last bit. Since this is where all your food items will be laid out; it should not have anything else other than the essentials. Things like keys, wallets, magazines, bags, etc should all be removed and replaced with food mats and plates and the required dinnerware.

A perfect way to complement your walnut cabinets is by opting for a walnut dinner set. These will add the perfect Christmas flavor to all the dishes prepared by you for your guests.

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3. Get your dinnerware ready

When it is time for dinner, you will not want to keep your guests waiting. And a great way to do this is by laying out all the supplies like bowls, crockery, cutlery, platters, napkins, table cloth on your countertop the night before. This enables them for easy reach and avoids the need of rushing to get hold of things in the middle of Christmas celebrations the next day.

Cherry kitchen cabinets are another option to go for, for your kitchen cabinetry design. These too carry a Christmas appeal and can certainly complement other Christmas decorations of your home like the Christmas tree, wreaths of their symbolic cherry and green color and other such decorative items.

4. Re-order your refrigerator and storage containers

Obviously, you will need space to store your Christmas preparations that you have prepared the night before Christmas. You will also need space in case your guests bring over their own food items. Remove all that remains on the final day, storing them in zip-lock bags and crispers.

The same goes for containers. Get rid of the ones that are cracked, chipped and deserve to be rejected from use. Store the ones that can be used in a drawer or a cabinet. Store the containers and the lids separately which makes it easier for you to pack leftovers for your guests as well as storing them in the fridge.

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Additional: It is suggested to have your cleaning products close at hand so that you can access them whenever you need. In the midst of celebration, a bottle of wine might topple over or a piece of pie might fall on the ground, to speak a few mishaps. This should not make run around the house in search of cleansing solutions. Keep bin bags and other supplies ready for use.

Keeping these points in mind may sound a lot but will certainly help you in having a stress-less Christmas celebration. Begin ahead of time to make the most of your Christmas, just the way it deserves.


  1. While my good intentions for deep household cleaning might not get carried out, the kitchen is one area where I must be organized heading into December. If the heart of the home is clean, uncluttered, well-stocked and in top working capacity, then anything is possible – or so I see it!


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