Some Interesting Points About Michael Kors Runway vs. Sofie Watches


For women, their watch must contain both feminine and functional properties. If you look at Michael Kors, you will find it satisfying in terms of features as well as appearance. The watches look uber stylish and can perform equally well. Of the various choices, you can focus on Sofie and Runway for a quick pick. Both these editions are a fantastic choice, but you may feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to decision-making. To understand which one is perfect for you, you would need to know a few things about each of them. So, let’s dive into them directly.

Choosing between Runway VS Sofie

If you are more enthusiastic about a real smartwatch experience, then Runway can be the ultimate solution for you. It is an all-out feature-rich watch with a sound fitness tracking system. Its stylish look and a fulfilling range of functionalities, such as heart-rate monitoring and GPS tracking, give it a nice balance. Sofie, on the other hand, provides fashion sense a priority. It is also a wearable smartwatch but includes primary functionalities, such as alerts, Google Assistant, activity tracking, etc.

However, this cannot be the only parameter for determining a choice. You also need to think about design. Sofie is primarily a women’s smartwatch, while the Access Runway can be an option for both men and women. The reason behind this is the difference in their signature design. A Michael Kors watch collection featuring Sofie can be showy, while a Runway model is more subtle and refined. Furthermore, a Runway model can feature three pushers, while Sofie includes one. So, if you want a comfortable navigation experience, the Runway watches may leave you impressed.

As far as the operating system goes, both these editions are suitable for Android and iOS platforms. However, android versions get more thumbs up. Besides, the Runway has excellent water resistance, making it a perfect go-to watch for outdoors and water activities. Sofie can only tolerate dust and splashes and that too, with limited exposure.

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Are you fitness conscious?

Since most people, including men and women, have started focusing on their health, it makes sense to opt for a wearable device that can ensure a smooth fitness experience. Sofie can count your steps, calories, speed, etc. Plus, it can be useful in the events of running, walking, and biking. That means if you are keen on a chic smartwatch more than its fitness tracking abilities, then you can choose it. However, if you are particular about the fitness functionalities, then Runway watches are superior. You can read your heart rate, track workouts, learn about calories burned, chalk your exercise routes, and achieve your fitness goals. It can come in handy in the areas of boxing, aerobics, circuit training, and others.

After taking all these things into account, you can easily select the one that matches your requirements the best. Both of these MK editions are quite popular. And since they come from a trusted label, you don’t have to worry about quality. There can be many watches on the market, but if you are looking at expanding your options, then Michael Kors watches for men and women deserve your attention.


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