2 Ways Online Discourse Can Make You Feel Empowered


Gone are the days when people had to look for platforms for talking about their issues. Today, with the massive evolution of the tech world, digital platforms have enabled every human being to be stronger than ever concerning their thought process. Especially when it comes to online discourse, many people across the globe love to have healthy conversations for a better world. However, it is best to stay discreet when opting for an online social platform.

Here are a few ways, online conversations can make us feel empowered:

1. Freedom of Speech

Although this concept is cliché, still, a lot of people struggle with being confident enough to battle to social evils. Freedom of speech is the first thought that occurs to the mind when we talk about engaging in online discourse. So when you have that opportunity in your hand and write about what you feel about a certain issue, you feel self-assured and more confident from inside. All you need to do is, make the right choice of words

2. No Fear of Being Scrutinized by The Public

Being scrutinized by the community, engaging in controversy, and receiving death threats, are just some of the issues that arise when we tend to talk about something related to a massive audience. However, digital platforms provide an equal opportunity to everyone and protect you physically. This means, when you have the privilege of being strong concerning your writing online, it will be a natural feeling for you to feel positive about yourself.


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