Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

most dangerous sports

Sports involving a higher degree of risk are considered to be dangerous sport. Sports no matter what kind it is involves suffering from little injuries to severe cases of death. Athletes are mostly attracted to sports as it brings fame, pride, and money along with it. They don’t see the consequences it may result in. The top 10 most dangerous sports are reported below.

1. Base Jumping

what is the most dangerous sport

Often people are confused asking what is the most dangerous sport? Undoubtedly it is considered the most dangerous sport in the world and also is known as the sport with most deaths. It includes jumping off from higher buildings or natural places with parachutes for the safety of the athletes. Also, it is illegal and is practiced without official safety.

2. Swimming

sports with most deaths

By swimming I don’t mean indoor swimming, instead, it is about to open and endurance swimming involving a higher level of risk. It is very dangerous and has a higher chance of death.

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3. Cycling

most dangerous sport in the world

It is a dual indoor and outdoor sport. Cycling is a risky sport as there are higher chances of causalities reported. Deaths are more common on bikes as compared to cars.

4. Racing

most dangerous sport in the world

Racing is all about speed. The higher the speed the fewer chances of your survival. Athletes involved in racing have levels of security in their vehicles but still are prone to accidental deaths no matter it is a car or a bike race.

5. Sky Diving

most dangerous sports in the world

In sky diving, the life of an athlete depends upon the parachute. Imagine jumping out of a plane and relying on a parachute your imagination will give you goose bumps. Seeing globally, then it is considered to be a safe sport but except for casualties, medical incidents of heart attack and stroke have also been reported.

6. High altitude Mountaineering

most dangerous sports in the world

It is known to be the most dangerous sport in the world with chances of every 1 in 10 deaths in trying to be at the highest altitudes. For humans, it is difficult to even breathe at higher altitudes due to an insufficient amount of oxygen present and a person can even die in minutes. Those points are also declared as death zones.

7. Boxing

sports with most deaths

Without any question, every player who enters boxing leaves with an injury. The injury can vary from smaller ones of getting a black eye to even severe deaths. On average every year due to neck and head injuries 10 players lose their lives.

8. Soccer

top 10 most dangerous sport

Mentioning soccer here is due to the number of injuries and deaths reported in this sport. Every footballer is aware of the risk associated with soccer but the love and dedication towards the sport make him continue with high spirit.

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9. Gymnastics

most dangerous sport

Quite impressive of all sports, gymnastics revolves around the idea of flexible body and balance. The injuries in gymnastics can be severe including fractures of bones. Reported cases of falls and injuries are worse and severe.

10. Surfing

top 10 most dangerous sports

Though they fall off in the water at sea level that might sound harmless, surfers are traveling at a higher speed which is dangerous. Chances are they hit the reef below and are more likely to be killed by sharks.

The above mentioned were some of the most dangerous sports in the world depending upon the rates of injuries, casualties, and deaths.


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