Want to Make Passive Income While Traveling? Here’s How You Can Do It


Live the dream… that’s the usual line that people say when you ask them what they want to do in life. However, while this can often seem like an unattainable desire, it’s not quite as challenging as you might first think. Moreover, imagine that you could not only make a passive income but do so while traveling the world; now that’s something that we can all agree is a dream worth pursuing! This post will provide you with the low-down on how you can get to this stage and live the life you have always wanted to live. From becoming an affiliate to creating a video course, the sky’s the limit as long as you are willing to put in a little upfront effort.

Promote An Affiliate Product

You’ve probably heard of the term affiliate marketing before but may not have paid it much heed. However, if you put in the work, you will discover that a life of recurring income can become the norm, especially if you are a whizz at marketing. The key is finding a product that you understand and has a hefty commission. For example, if you are interested in finance, many financial affiliate products will pay out large commissions, which tend also to be recurring based on how often a customer uses them. Forex is an excellent option because if you can send over enough leads who sign up and trade regularly, you can make more according to a sliding scale. According to roboforex.com, this can reach up to 70% revenue share, which, when you’re dealing with significant amounts of money, can add up rapidly! You can promote these products via a broad range of channels, but nowadays, the most common tactic is through video, both short and long form.

Create A Video Course

This is an interesting option because you can essentially create courses based on anything people want to learn about and that you are an expert in. In fact, you needn’t even be an expert…as long as you are authentic and have a decent level of knowledge about the subject you teach, you can find it to be pretty lucrative. Platforms like Udemeny allow you to upload your courses and gain income whenever someone buys them. Because it is permanently hosted on the platform, you will simply receive money in your bank account as soon as someone buys it, minus the platform’s commission for hosting. Moreover, the more courses you create, the more money you can potentially make!

Become A Travel Influencer

This might be obvious, but if you are already traveling, why not document your life? This option won’t be suitable for everyone’s situation, but in most cases, all you need is something like a GoPro, a laptop, and some skill with editing (although this can be learned as you go). Although you shouldn’t expect to make any money while you’re gaining your audience, you must remain consistent with your output if you are to get picked up by the YouTube or TikTok algorithms (of which you need to placate to a certain degree).

Making money isn’t particularly difficult, but it does take perseverance and an eagerness to get started. You must also understand that all endeavors take time, and the more time you are willing to dedicate to something, the greater the rewards will become.


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