What Should you Know About Housing and Feeding a Grammostola Pulchra Before Petting It?

Grammostola Pulchra

Grammostola pulchra is regarded as one of the best species of tarantula. It is also known as Brazilian black tarantula due to its velvety black color. This species has something for everyone. Whether you are the new, intermediary, or leading finder, this species is an excellent addition to your collection.

Origins and Natural Habitat

The Brazilian Black tarantula is found in Southern Brazil in the Pampas region. This region is fertile with subtropical grassland covering more than 700,000 square kilometers, including Uruguay, Argentina, and Southern Brazil. The temperature of this region is around 75 degrees F, and humidity is around 64%.

You can find flourishing shrubs, but there is a scarcity of trees, and only Pampas grass can be seen all around.

Grammostola Pulchra lives under rocks, logs, or branches that have fallen from the trees and can seek asylum at all prospective places. This species is very opportunistic, likes premade burrows in the wild, and finds its prey on the ground. They can make use of everything that can be seen around them.

The Brazilian Black tarantula should not be confused with Uruguayan Black and is clearly from Brazil; both the species look exactly the same with similar looks, color, size, temperament, etc.

All about Housing a Brazilian Black

A Brazilian Black tarantula can be kept in a red sea aquarium with a locking screen on the top. It is good to place a heating pad under one side of the cage.

These spiders can also live in a small clear plastic container pocked with air holes on the upper side of the rim with a warm pin. An adult Tarantula can be kept in a semi-arid set-up.

It is recommended to house these tarantulas separately to avoid Cannibalism. The substrate must be dry, and it is good to keep a water bowl in one corner to maintain humidity and prevent hydration.

Feeding a Brazilian Black Tarantula

You can feed your tarantula with roaches, crickets, and mealworms. Place the pre-kill prey on the spider web so that it can eat it easily. While Juveniles and adult tarantulas can be fed with live prey and also allow them to hunt down for eating.

To keep your tarantula healthy, you need to feed it with some insects for a week. It is very much required to clean up the leftovers of any food from the container as it may result in molds and mites, leading to several health issues in your pet or those around it.

Is Tarantula A Suitable Pet?

If you like spiders, the tarantula is the best one to make it your pet. Both amateurs and experienced pet owners love this species. It is crucial to handle a tarantula with exceptional care and not forget to wash your hands after handling it each time.


The Brazilian Black is also known as black beauty and is also called a black Labrador. This species is difficult to find and expensive to buy. So, it is good to pick one when you find any.


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