Huawei Band 5 Review

Huawei Band 5

Band 5 is the fourth HONOR smart wear product I got. The first three models are HONOR A2, Band 4 and HONOR MagicWatch. At the same price, only Band 5 in the world is equipped with oxygen saturation monitoring function. It has great advantages. Today, we will bring HUAWEI Band 5 review.

The color of the band is black. Black is a common and popular color matching in today’s smart band market. This is inseparable from the low-key and stable nature of black itself and its consumers. According to relevant survey data, the consumer age of smart bands is 26-40 years old. And the proportion of men is much higher than that of women. It is conceivable that there is evidence for black to become the most popular color matching in bands.

The weight of this smart band is quite surprising, only 22.7 g. It feels light on your hands. The feeling of holding it is equivalent to the weight of the two mobile phone cases. Most bands on the market weigh about 25-35 g. Band 5 is still very careful to control its weight below 25 g.

In addition to its weight advantages, Band 5 also has one of its biggest highlights, which is the use of a 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen. AMOLED screen can have better display effect and fineness during the day than ordinary LCD and black-and-white screen. There are not many manufacturers using AMOLED screens at this price.

Huawei Band 5 Review

HONOR’s new smart band can also replace the dial. This time the Band 5 dial market is rich. There are more than 40 dials of different colors in the dial market. It takes more than a month to change one a day. If the user wants to replace the dial, he can replace the dial for the smart band at any time after the mobile phone is interconnected with the smart band.

As a consumer, in fact, the requirements for products such as smart bands are not high. It is completely different from the positioning of products such as mechanical watches. The difference between the intelligent band and the mechanical watch lies in the screen display effect, rich movement function and the experience of experiencing the word “intelligence”.

Today’s HUAWEI Band 5 review shows that at this price, Band 5 has a better experience than other products in terms of weight, screen, charging method and rich dial. Band 5 has great advantages in cost performance. If you have the idea of buying a smart band, then this product will definitely not disappoint you.

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