A game becomes reality – How To Travel On The Land Of The Vikings

land of the Vikings

As they say, the journey will blind you again, and then turn into history, a memory, the recollection of which will always fill you with unique impressions.

How can you go to your favorite game?

Young gamers aren’t afraid to travel, but it’s important to have constant access to streaming, even on an inspired journey from your favorite Viking game, where you can make money from uninterrupted broadcasts. You will definitely need to Buy Twitch Views if you plan to travel to the rather expensive Scandinavian countries, and it has never been easier to get experiences like that. So combine virtual reality to be able to accumulate growing income for new experiences in the future.

Can things surprise us? Ask experienced travelers and you will see all the countries that you have seen or heard about, for which you have looked at them from afar at least once. Then I’ll tell you, until you see the Scandinavian countries, you haven’t seen everything yet.

Why Scandinavia?

The historical and cultural region of Europe, the geographical center of which is the Scandinavian Peninsula, consists of three states: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This is the place where the first traces of human existence appeared 12,000 years ago, and the Norwegians, natives of the west coast of Norway, emerge from the writings of the ninth century.

Why is Scandinavia the land of the Vikings?

The Vikings were Scandinavian Norman warriors who conquered various European countries in the 8th and 9th centuries and established colonies on the conquered lands. They were the second and third sons in the family who did not inherit the property and were forced to leave their native land. They were the first inhabitants of Iceland and Greenland, and also, according to some historical sources, became the first European inhabitants of Canada and Newfoundland.

Before you decide to take a trip

There is a lot to explore and plan before heading to Scandinavia. This is the land of the Vikings, full of beautiful cities and fabulous nature. However, if you follow a few tips in advance, your trip will be much more enjoyable.


You will be surprised, and one of the most expensive countries in the world is Norway. There is a way out, join small excursions, look for cheap hostels, visit supermarkets instead of restaurants where you can buy food at an affordable price.


Winters are really cold and not very travel friendly, although in summer temperatures reach 25 degrees when the sun doesn’t set at all, and this period is one of the most beautiful sights known as white nights.

Take care of the environment

For Scandinavians, nature conservation is one of the most important priorities, which is why waste sorting machines are often found on the streets. Try to pay close attention to this issue, traveling like a local, you will definitely need it.

There is a museum even in the subway

Street painting and mosaics are one of the main attractions of the Scandinavians. In Oslo, you will find a separate area where all the buildings are painted differently. The locals are used to doing something special out of ordinary things, and you will definitely see this when traveling.

The advantage of traveling is that imagination and reality are opposed to each other. Seeing the virtual world is the dream of many. A trip to the land of the Vikings will surely convince you of this and you will not have to give up your main passion of being a gamer at the same time.


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